The Rosaria Moonstone Bracelets - Silvergld jewelry 1
The Rosaria Moonstone Bracelets - Silvergld jewelry 2
The Rosaria Moonstone Bracelets - Silvergld jewelry 3
The Rosaria Moonstone Bracelets - Silvergld jewelry 1
The Rosaria Moonstone Bracelets - Silvergld jewelry 2
The Rosaria Moonstone Bracelets - Silvergld jewelry 3

The Rosaria Moonstone Bracelets - Silvergld jewelry

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Jewelry Type
14k White and Yellow Gold
Titanium stee
Applicable objects
Inlaid material

Company Features

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Company Advantages

1. Silvergld jewelry pearl cluster ring has passed the life cycle assessment (LCA) that is conducted by our in house team, regarding the chemical, physical, energy impacts of this product. Silvergld jewelry product has been certified under CE.

2. This product excels at meeting and exceeding quality standards. Silvergld jewelry product is widely accepted for Silvergld jewelrys outstanding dimensional accuracy.

3. The first time I saw it, I decided to give it a trial purchase for my gifts shop, and it proved that it's really loved by many people because of its exquisite workmanship. Moisture will not lead to the tarnish of Silvergld jewelry product.

Mary jewelry is not only a name, not a mere surface, with an obsession with elegant life, jewelry as the soul of the art. Let each product have a kind of simple and uncommon spiritual power, let each adoring you find the true style that belongs to oneself.

The Rosaria Moonstone Bracelets - Silvergld jewelry 4


A flawless gemstone is rare and expensive. As with diamonds, most gemstones have inclusions, or tiny mineral flaws, that can be seen under magnification or by the careful eye. Make sure that any inclusions in the stone do not penetrate deeply into the gem, as this may cause it to break or crack. Clarity grades range from VVS (very, very slightly included) to I3, in which inclusions are prominent and severely affect the gemstone's beauty.

The Rosaria Moonstone Bracelets - Silvergld jewelry 5


A gemstone's cut refers to its proportions and symmetry. In making a gemstone look appealing--the stone should be symmetrical in all dimensions so that it will appear balanced, and that its facets will reflect light evenly. Color should also be taken into account when cutting for optical efficiency. If a stone's color is highly saturated, a shallow cut will allow it to pass more light, while a deeper cut may increase the vividness of a less saturated gem. There is no generally accepted grading system for gemstone cut.

Product Details

Next, Silvergld jewelry will present you with the specific details of mother of pearl earrings pandora.

Application of the Product

The mother of pearl earrings pandora developed by Silvergld jewelry is widely used in various fields.

Silvergld jewelry has many years of industrial experience and great production capability. We are able to provide customers with quality and efficient one-stop solutions according to different needs of customers.

Product Comparison

Compared with products in the same category,Silvergld jewelry's mother of pearl earrings pandora's outstanding advantages are as follows.

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