What Can Be Done About the Tragic Mispronunciation of the Word 'jewelry' As Jew-la-ry Before It Becomes the Accepted Pronunciation?

First, I am not sure why that would be a tragic mispronunciation.The process at work is called linguistic metathesis. Thats where two sounds switch their order.

What Can Be Done About the Tragic Mispronunciation of the Word 'jewelry' As Jew-la-ry Before It Becomes the Accepted Pronunciation? 1

I would understand both jew-el-ry and jew-luh-ree as jewelry, just as I would understand both nuke-lee-er and nuke-yuh-ler (as presidents Carter and Bush pronounced them in their dialects) as nuclear.There are other such variation from the standard in English:standard pretty non-standard purty/purdyiron ayrnstandard comfortable non-standard comfterbleask aks in some dialectset cetera ec/k ceteraand of course that aforementioned nuclear nucularMetathesis is a common linguistic process. I wouldnt think of it as tragic.

But I would encourage people to stick with a standard pronunciation since that can help with writing and comprehension (though English has quite a few variations between written and spoken form anyway!)Edit February 21, 2017: Also See Daniel Rosss post and consider the role of epenthesis ('Athaletes' and 'Fambilies': Epenthesis (or Intrusion) in Speech) in this question. Daniel has raised a good point in this regard!

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Can forward swept wing aircraft have control authority without canards assuming it has elevators on the trailing edge of the aircraft?

Hello there,Of course !Letu2019s first take a look at some tailed examples, just to hammer the point home about control authority.

Here are some real world examples u2026 starting with one of the first of these u2026Junkers Ju-387.Hansajet HFB320 (same designer as the Junkers, incidentally - Hans Wocke)Schleicher Ka-7 u2018Rhonadleru2019 two seat sailplane. In terms of FSW without elevators, the majority of these have tended to be gliders - even full sized ones !

George Cornelius successful powered flight prototype, which led to u2026.Such as the Cornelius XFG-1, which actually few quite well, and was very docile.Marske Pioneer IID , a FSW sailplaneFor flying models, there have been quite a few u2026The arresting Toucan radio-controlled slope soaring sailplanethe Dream Flight Alula slope soarer - not much forward sweep, but there neverthelessu2026These are the examples best known to me, and I (think!

) there are one or two more. In essence, the use of a FSW (Forward Wept Wing) does not mean that a design has to have a canard - no indeedy ! as these examples make clear.

Ordinary control with a conventional elevator works just fine, though there are some significant design considerations.For more see :https://booksite.elsevier.

com/9780123973085/content/APP-C5-DESIGN_OF_UNUSUAL_CONFIGURATIONS. pdfAmerican flying wings in WW2My 2c worth, and kind regards


In World War II, why did the Americans go to war against Germany in Europe, not just Japan in the Pacific where they were attacked?

Firstly Germany declared war on the USA.

Not the other way round. Hitler was hoping that the Japanese would attack Russia from the East. Secondly the USA was as at war with Germany as a country can get without actually being at war.

In Oct and Nov 1941 the USN was pretty much conducting an undeclared war with the U-boats and escorting convoys almost as far as Ireland. US Factories were supplying everything from boot laces to bombers to the Allies. They were to neutrality what King Herod was to child care.

Hitlers declaration of war on the USA while seemingly a foolish act did actually allow the Uboats to take the war to the US Merchant fleet in US waters which makes sense as pretty much the only way for Germany to ensure that it wins WW2 is to win the battle of the Atlantic and knock Britain out of the war. All the time the USA was neutral they could not do this and were instead forced to attack shipping close to the UK at a time when the British had a good grip on the Uboat issue making it very dangerous for the Uboats to operate in that area. By declaring war the Uboats had what has been called the 2nd happy time when they ran wild down the eastern seaboard and the Caribbean Sea sinking a staggering number of ships before the USA managed to get a grip on the situation


What are the best Chinese restaurants in Paris?

Please find here my favorite Chinese places in Paris: La Nouvelle Mer de Chine -159, rue du Chteau des Rentiers - Go exotic in this no-nem zone, the risk is worth it: salted duck tongue to start with, then bindweed salad and teochew chicken, garlic crab with lemon sauce Real Chinese food!Les Ptes Vivantes - 46, r. du Faubourg-Montmartre - Proper Chinatown house where noodles are made to order, accompanied by wokd spicy chicken or beef, in soup or just fried up with vegetables.

Shan Got - 22, rue Hector-Malot- Hidden place but definitely the best Chinese restaurant in Paris (trust the expert). This very young inspired chef produces extremely high quality dishes from all over China. A true gem.

Van - 65, boulevard Saint-Marcel - Don't go to this authentic Chinese hole-in-the-wall for the menu on display (or in the window or on the chalkboard). Instead, order the homemade noodles with sesame jam and boneless chicken or the durian milk-shakes la carte. Best price/quality ratio ever!

Les Dlices du Shandong - 88, boulevard de l'Hpital - A traditional Chinese with friendly welcome and approximate French, hardcore cuisine (tripes, intestines, tendons) as well as tasty veggie ravioli, spicey crab, etc.La Taverne de Zao 49, rue des Vinaigriers 10eme. Very traditional, ancestral cuisine from the Shaanxi region.

True, pure and delightful, a real "dpaysement".


Why arenu2019t the Japanese good at speaking or writing English?

For the very same reason why English speakers arent good at Japanese.

Japanese is ranked by the Foreign Service Institute as one of the most difficult languages for an English speaker to learn.By extrapolating this, you can assume that the opposite is true: English is one of the most difficult language for a Japanese speaker to learn. I also think there are other factors that come into play, such as:Nationalism.

Japanese people are very proud of their language and their culture. They dont really encourage people to speak English. I would contrast it with Thailand, where everything is written in English and everyone tries to speak English to foreigners.

Culture. Language learning is all about embracing embarrassment. You will make mistakes, people will giggle, but the more mistakes you make, the more you learn.

From my understanding, Japanese culture places great emphasis on the face: they dont like losing face. This is a problem while learning languages, because they are scared of people making fun of them because they are trying to speak another language.Edit: suggested by User-13120957944562367652: Unless they go abroad to study or move to foreign countries, theres no necessity or chance for the ordinary Japanese to speak English.

For the record, I know quite a few Japanese who can speak good English :)


What's the best way to live in temporary housing in the Bay Area or LA while looking for a tech job?

When I moved to SF many, many years ago, I stayed in this s@#thole hotel in Chinatown for about $40/night while looking for a place to live (I had a job, but it didn't pay much, and I needed to save up for security deposits and the like. Plus, housing was ultra competitive in the bay.

)I look back on it kind of fondly, but thats an absurd memory. The things that went on in that place were out of a bad B Movie. But it was cheap, and it worked out in the end, and I had a fair amount of fun.

That being said, were I to do it again I'd look into AirBnB. A lot of folks are renting short term rooms, and many are quite nice. Another, much much better option (if you are a pretty solid Ruby engineer) is to get on Hired, or find a recruiter.

Its quite possible to live wherever you are and find a job in the bay. Moreover, the cost of living out here is such that, unless you are out of country, it'll be cheaper to interview from whereever you are and be somewhat militant about scheduling in-person interviews around the same time. Most companies will fly you in, but even if not, you'll spend less flying in a few times than you will moving and dealing with rent


What are all of the two-letter combinations that never occur in an English dictionary?

Interesting question.Depends on the dictionary you are using, and whether or not you consider accent marks in foreign loan words significant or not.#!

/usr/bin/env perl # pass in dictionary on stdin or enter dictionary filename as parameter # assumes 1 word per line, ASCII charsetuse 5.010; my @dictionary map chomp $_; lc($_) ;say join " ", grep test($_) 'aa' . 'zz';# test returns true if ngram doesn't match any words in dictionary sub test my $ngram shift; my $re qr/$ngram/i; foreach my $word ( @dictionary ) # short circuit if a match is found return 0 if $word /$re/; return 1;;A unicode-aware, language-agnostic version would be a little more complex ( and a lot slower)The output: joe@strider:$ time .

/q1.pl /usr/share/dict/words bq bx bz cj cw cx dx fq fv fx fz gv gx hx jb jc jd jg jh jj jl jm jn jp jq jt jv jw jx jy jz kq kv kx kz lx mj mx mz pq px qc qd qe qf qg qh qj qk ql qm qn qp qq qr qs qt qv qw qx qy qz sx tq tx vb vf vj vk vm vq vw vx vz wj wq wv wx xd xj xk xr zf zj zxreal 0m15.211s user 0m15.

077s sys 0m0.056s


What is it to be a paratrooper?

NOTE: A Paratrooper is NOT THE SAME as a military parachutist.

A Paratrooper is a highly trained and motivated elite soldier in an Airborne unit. They usually pass a more extreme recruitment process (u201cSelectionu201d) than the u201cBasic Trainingu201d of ordinary soldiers. They commit to the warrior ethos and maintain high standards of skills, fitness and endurance.

It doesnu2019t matter if youu2019re British, French, German, US, Russian Airborne - itu2019s the same ethos.The norms for a Paratrooper are being: unsupported; isolated; outnumbered; outgunned; low on resources. High risk operations.

Casualty rates are typically significantly higher than with other infantry units, especially with officers and NCOs. Paratroopers dropped off target are expected to fight their way to their unit lines, think for themselves and have the high skills, fitness and aggression to fight beyond whatu2019s expected of other troops.A military parachutist is someone in the military whou2019s completed a parachuting course, thatu2019s all.

They donu2019t serve in an Airborne unit and they often never again shall parachute after the course. But 9 times out of 10, theyu2019ll call themselves a u201cParau201d or u201cAirborneu201d, unless theyu2019re speaking to a real Para


'Italy is an European country.' Is this a correct sentence?

You ask: u2018Italy is an European country.u2019 Is this a correct sentence?As other said, you should use u201ca Europeanu201d and not u201can Europeanu201d, because the u201cEu201d in u201cEuropeanu201d sounds like an u201cyu201d, which is a consonant.

u2014Curiously, it is the same rule in Italian as well: the feminine indeterminate article una has to be abbreviated in unu2019 for feminine names starting with a vocal (example: unu2019arancia, unu2019erba, unu2019industria, unu2019orzata, unu2019utilitaria). Same for the determinative feminine article la (lu2019arancia, lu2019erba, lu2019industria, lu2019orzata, lu2019utilitaria).But in Italian, as in English, you canu2019t do that for feminine names starting with ia, ie, io and iu (once written in Italian as ja, je, jo and ju u2014 with j that had the same role as y in English).

For example una iattura, una iena, una ionoterapia, una iuta and la iattura, la iena, la ionoterapia, la iuta. On the other hand, there are very few common words in Italian starting like that

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What Can Be Done About the Tragic Mispronunciation of the Word 'jewelry' As Jew-la-ry Before It Becomes the Accepted Pronunciation?
What Can Be Done About the Tragic Mispronunciation of the Word 'jewelry' As Jew-la-ry Before It Becomes the Accepted Pronunciation?
Perhaps the problem is not the pronunciation but the spelling. Where I come from, it is not jewelry but jewellery, and consequently, that is the way I pronounce it.Noah Webster decided it was spelled jewelry, so that is the preferred spelling in the USA and I did see it used that way occasionally in Canada. Most of the rest of the English speaking world chooses to spell it (and pronounce it) the same way the inventors of the language do • Related Questions What are some lesser-known sights to see when visiting Marseille, France? It depends what you like. I think Les Goudes (a part of the Calanques, by the sea) are worth visiting.If you have already visited the district called Le panier which is the oldest one in Marseille, famous for being the theater of the French Connection, you can enjoy a meal in Le Cours Julien where every kind of people gather and you can find many artists.If you wish, you can also visit some other cities around, Aix en Provence being one of the most famous. ------ Did allied pilots in WW2 ever deliberately ram enemy planes, ships, vehicles, or buildings after being shot down, knowing that they will die anyway? While not allied forces, an interesting note non the less is that the German Luftwaffe turned to ramming on a small scale as a last ditch effort at the end of the war. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonderkommando_ElbeLuftwaffe records claim at least 2224 American aircraft fell victim to the Sonderkommando Elbe unit.Amazingly a few pilots survived to carry out more than one succesful ramming attack.I also remember watching a documentary about on German pilot survivig a ramming attack, meeting up with surviving crew members of the bomber he crashed into. ------ What was considered the best single seat, single engine fighter aircraft of world war 2 overall? This is one of those, personnel preference questions which will get a number of answers.American: NAA P-51 Mustang, Vought Corsair F4U, Grumman Hellcat F6F or Republic P-47British: Spitfire Mk-XIVGermany: FW-190DItaly: Macchi 205 or the Re. 2005USSR: La-7Japan: Ki-84, Ki-100 and N1KI could selected any one of these based on their combat records and capabilities at Wars end. But what happens if I restrict it to the start of the war (or its first two years: 4041).American: P-40E (Which shows how bad the USA was at the start)British: Spitfire Mk-VGermany: FW-190A or BF-109FJapan: Ki-43France: Dewoitine D.520Italy: Macchi 202 or Re.2001 ------ As a kid, did you actually like JU-jubes, NECCO wafers, etc. As a kid, did you actually like Jujubies, Necco wafers, etc,?I loved these candies as a child! I only saw them in the movie theaters back then, and I remember holding each piece up to catch the meager light from the movie so I could see which flavor I was about to eat; I had my very favorite flavors, the best being the reds or pinks, and my not-so-favorite ones (greens and browns), which I shared with whoever liked them. NOBODY was offered my reds and pinks, though! ------ How well would a Ju 87 Stuka do in a dogfight? Against what?Ju-87 StukasTheyu2019d do remarkably well against F.E.2 or F.B.5 u201cGun Busu201dF.B.5F.E.2Stuka could engage those planes and dominate the engagement. These fighter might be able to outturn it true, but Stuka is faster, sturdier and more heavily armed and if all that fails it also has a rear facing gun. Few, very few Stukas would be shot down while they rampaged through the formations, it would be a one sided slaughter.Against something like Hawker Hurricane or Spitfire V (or later) the answer is about the same, just in reverse ------ Did the Nazis bomb anywhere near where you stay? Not the nazis,but the japanese.I live in Singapore,a place that saw heavy fighting during WW2.During the course of the conflict in Singapore,the japanese bombed the city.Heres a photo of the aftermath.Not sure where was this taken,but the surrounding buildings tells me that it could be Telok Ayer. There were civilian casualities of course.I dont want to post pictures,but you can go google it up.After a long conflict,Singapore was finally taken over by the japanese on 15 Febuary 1942. It would not be until September 2 1945, 3 years and 7 months later,that Singapore would return to British hands.Thats all folks! ------ Are there any towns or cities that have names consisting of only two letters? Are there any towns or cities that have names consisting of only two letters?Au, is the name of several towns in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.Ea, a town in the Basque Country, Spain (the shortest place name in Spain)Ib, is a railway town in IndiaOb river, town, and gulf in RussiaAlso, Ur is an ancient city in Mesopotamia and a town in Catalonia.There are other vilages, rivers and valleys worldwide with two letter names. NOTE: Fairly lengthy list follows at:link List of short place names - Wikipedia ------ What famous American movies are actually adaptations of an earlier foreign film? Rupak hit a lot of them. Here are a few more:Death at a Funeral (2010): Death at a Funeral (2007)Diabolique (1996): Diabolique (1955)Dinner for Schmucks (2010): Le Diner de Cons (1998)Father's Day (1997): Les Comperes (1983)The Flight of the Phoenix (2004): The Flight of the Phoenix (1965) The Haunting (1999): The Haunting (1963) Jungle 2 Jungle (1997): Un Indien dans la Ville (1994)The Man with One Red Shoe (1985): The Tall Blonde Man with One Black Shoe (1972) No Reservations (2007): Mostly Martha (2001) Point of No Return (1993): La Femme Nikita (1990)A Walk in the Clouds (1995): A Virtuous Bigamist (1956) ------ Why is it so hard for other martial artists to fight Aikido practioners? I dont really know what you mean. Most martial artists incl. punching, kicking and wrestling styles, easily knock out most aikido practitioners w/o actual fighting experience. And this includes very high level aikidokas, too.Actually aikido is not about fighting. It is about how to finish fighting. In order to make it work, you need actual fighting skills and experience from another style. Aikido is a complementary art and it always has been so.Do not use aikido for fighting because it is not intended to be a fighting style and it does not work as a fighting style. It works as a complementary style together with fighting styles. ------ What are the similarities between the Polish and the Russian languages? Is it easy for a Polish citizen to learn Russian and vice-versa? As both are Slavic languages speaker of both languages will find that different Slavic languages sounds similar. There are also shared vocabulary and general grammar rules (however in case of Polish grammar is really confusing). In written form it is however a different case as Russian uses Cyrillic alphabet compared to Polish using Latin alphabet. I do not know Cyrillic to any extent and if I see those letters I attempt to match them to known Latin letter - a futile effort. On side note I played both Metro games with Russian voice-over it is certainly more fitting (it is Moscow after all) and I could passively understand some phrases. ------ What are amazing independent movies to watch? First Ill list some of my favorite English-language ones and then foreign.Killing Zoe (1993)Dead Man (1995)Big Night (1996)Cheap Thrills (2013)The Grey (2011)Antichrist (2009)Moon (2009)Brazil (1985)Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (1990)Monsters (2010)Mystery Road (2013)Phantasm (1979)Sexy Beast (2000)Little Buddha (1993)Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)Session 9 (2001)Donnie Darko (2001)The Strangers (2008)Reservoir Dogs (1992)Winter's Bone (2010)Dead Alive (1992)Brick (2005)Kids (1995)Memento (2000)Detention (2011)Drive (2011)Nadja (1994)Foreign:Belle Epoque (1992)Norwegian Ninja (2010)Ju Dou (1990)The City of Lost Children (1995)Nine Queens (2000)La Haine (1995)My Neighbor Totoro (1988)Man Bites Dog (1992)Holy Motors (2012)The Wages of Fear (1953)Timecrimes (2007)Trollhunter (2010)13 Assassins (2010)Black Book (2006)Memories of Murder (2003)Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002)Whew! That took a while. Enjoy! ------ Who is your bias in iKON? Since I am new in iKon story I have two and I can't decide (HELP)1.BobbyAmerican vibe, very very(extremely) sexy. How am I alive after "killing me "video? I have no idea. Rap god. Yet on his Instagram I don't see a hot star I see one pure boy. He is magical.2. B.II don't even know myself but there is something about him that makes me love him. Also, his lyrics are beautiful and I appreciate him s great songwriter. So can I have both of them as my biases?. ------ Was Hermann Gu00f6ring a bad military strategist or did he purposefully self sabotage? Just as a side note, Goering was an avid hunter, and also notoriously superstitious.He had six silver bullets specially commissioned to ward off werewolves and vampires.At the end of the war, these bullets were discovered in the bunker underneath his retreat, and looted by British soldiers. By some strange alchemy, one of them wound up in my possession. I have no idea what happened to the other five.I wear it on a chain around my neck, except on airlines, of course, along with a silver cross cast by a friend of mine. I doubt 1 person in a billion has any idea of the significance ------ Why do I get scared when I get bullied? Pure human nature - fear is a reflection of your instinct for survival. It also reflects your uncertainty about the situation: lack of confidence about your ability to overcome the bullys attacks: concern about defending yourself physically or verbally.I wont go into detail, since its beyond the scope of the question, but finding perspective, understanding your options in dealing with the situation (either through physical confrontation, outside help or other means), and knowing without doubt that you are a better person than the bully are all keys to dealing with your basic fears. ------ How many words have the F sound in Korean? Korean doesnt have the F sound and V sound as well. Instead, F sound is substituted with P sound, and V sound is replaced with B sound.There were two sounds in Middle Korean historically a little bit similar to them, but they also were different from F and V sounds. Even back then, they were not respectively independent sounds. Its believed that they were just P and B sounds historically in Old Korean.So, at least so far, we can say that there hasnt been neither F nor V sound in Korean in the first place. ------ What is it to be a paratrooper? I am not exactly sure, from your question, what information you are looking for. As a former paratrooper, I would be more than happy to assist you; please rephrase your question and tell me specifically what you are looking for. Are you wanting to know the definition of a paratrooper? Do you want to know what it is like to jump out of an airplane? Are you looking for the difference between military and civilian parachuting? Are you looking for the history of military parachuting? I look forward to hearing from you soon. ------ What's that one thing that you pronounce wrongly? Finally, as a college freshman, I found out that creek was not pronounced crick. My friends nearly died laughing. I wanted to drown myself in the crick, but it was too shallow.When my daughter was in about fourth grade, she had the vocabulary word, intelligent - she asked me for the meaning and I told her an intelligent person would look it up in the dictionary. She replied, If I have to look it up, I dont want to be intelligent!I think that pretty much sums up why we all mispronounce and mishear words.Now Ive become hard of hearing. Misunderstood words are a normal part of my days. Speak slowly, not louder, please. Enunciate ------ At the start of WWII (1939), which countries had the best and worst aircraft? We are talking about 1939 yes. sorry to some Zero zen was not a factor in 1939.Generally speaking The British an Germans were very equal in all departments, the French were a little behind, about 2 years, the Italians had one or two good designs but no where near enough production capacity. The USA was no where (this is 1939)The best aircraft? so called experts will argue all day, but generally agree Spitfire, Bf 109, Heinkel 111, Welington, Junkers 88, Beaufighter, Bf110. (Best and worst, useless escort fighter, good night fighter) ------ Why did Hitler keep Hermann Goering in a position of power? Goering had addiction problems and the Luftwaffe had performance problems under his leadership. Why didnu2019t Hitler sack him? Because Hitler was worried about the damage it would do to his own image of the Fuhrer who is never wrong.To sack Goering, would make it plain to the Germans, that Hitler had made a huge mistake, elevating him to such a high position(s) giving him all that responsibility in the first place.It would only add fuel to German suspicions that something is seriously wrong at the top, and this could only add to the spreading pessimism about the likely outcome of the war.
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