Knowledge About Lily & Sapphire

1. Serna (surname) of lily & sapphire

Serna is a surname. Notable people with the name include: Alexis Serna (born 1985), American player of gridiron football Andrea Serna (born 1977), Colombian model, TV presenter, reporter, and producer Assumpta Serna (born 1957), Spanish actress Darkin Serna (born 1993), Colombian footballer Diego Serna (born 1973), Colombian footballer Dillon Serna (born 1994), American soccer player Elkin Serna, Colombian Paralympic marathon runner Enrique Serna, (born 1959), Mexican author and screenwriter Frankie Serna, (born 1971), American artist, illustrator and designer Isaac Serna, Peruvian politician Joe Serna, Jr.

Knowledge About Lily & Sapphire 1

(19391999), American civil rights activist and mayor of Sacramento Jorge Horacio Serna (born 1979), Colombian footballer La Serna (born 1999), French figure skater Lily Serna (born 1986), Australian mathematician and television presenter Magi Serna (born 1979), Spanish tennis player Marcelino Serna (18961992), Mexican immigrant and United States Army soldier Marco Antonio Serna Daz (1936-1991), Colombian herpetologist, ornithologist, and naturalist Mauricio Serna (born 1968), Colombian footballer Patricio M. Serna, New Mexican Supreme Court Justice Paul Serna (born 1958), American baseball player Pepe Serna (born 1944), American film and television actor and artist Ralph Serna (born 1957), American long-distance runner Ricardo Serna (born 1964), Spanish footballer Snooky Serna (born 1966), Filipina film and television actress Sara Serna (born 1987), Spanish footballer Viviana Serna (born 1990), Colombian actress and presenter


2. David Wingate (poet) of lily & sapphire

David Wingate (18281892) was a Scottish poet and miner, sometimes known as 'the collier poet'.

His father died when he was five years old. Wingate started work in the coal-fields near his home in Cowglen, Renfrewshire when he was nine, and at 17 he was the main breadwinner for his mother and family. He married Janet Craig in 1850 and had 11 children, including Walter who became a poet and teacher.

In the 1850s he worked in Pollokshaws and later Bellshill. After his first wife died he married his first wife's cousin Margaret Thompson, a granddaughter of Burns. By 1862 he was living in Motherwell.

In this year his Poems and Songs (1862) was published by William Blackwood, favourably reviewed, then followed by Annie Weir (1866). After this he studied at the Glasgow School of Mines, became a colliery manager, and devoted his increased leisure to study and further literary work. Lily Neil appeared in 1879, and was followed by another volume of Poems and Songs (1883).

In 1882 he was granted a civil list pension of 50 per year. A collection of his work came out in 1890 as Selected Poems. He is buried in Motherwell.


3. Albert Farrar of lily & sapphire

Albert Farrar (29 April 1884 25 December 1954) was an English first-class cricketer, who played one match for Yorkshire County Cricket Club in 1906. Born in Brighouse, Yorkshire, England, Farrar scored two runs in his only innings and did not bowl in the game against Somerset at Fartown, Huddersfield, which Yorkshire won by an innings.

Like comrades George Hirst and John Tunnicliffe, he lost his wicket attempting to force the pace against the left-arm slows of Arthur Bailey. He did, however, pick up a catch to dismiss Fred Lee off the bowling of Wilfred Rhodes. He also appeared for Yorkshire Second XI from 1902 to 1910, and R.

W. Frank's XI in 1906. Farrar was a professional rugby league footballer with Rochdale Hornets, and also kept the Albion Inn pub at Brighouse.

Farrar died in December 1954 in Salterhebble, Halifax, Yorkshire. Albert was known as 'Alty' Farrar to his family and friends. His first wife Lily Short died giving birth to his first son was Harry Farrar 21/04/1908.

He later married Florence Lees, known as 'Florrie', who he had a second son George Farrar who also ran the Albion Pub in Brighouse.


4. Nancy Allen (harpist) of lily & sapphire

Nancy Allen (born 1954) is a prominent harpist from the United States.

The daughter of a public school music teacher in the Carmel, New York district, she won numerous international competitions starting at a young age. In 1973 she won first prize at the Fifth International Harp Competition in Israel, one of the most prestigious international harp competitions in the world. Since 1999 she has been the Principal Harpist of the New York Philharmonic, playing under music director and conductor Lorin Maazel, and in her 20-year teaching career has trained many successful students as well as serving concurrently as head of the harp departments at the Juilliard School (where she received her bachelor's and master's degrees) and Aspen Music Festival and School.

She was formerly the head of the harp department at the Yale School of Music. Her own teachers included Pearl Chertok, Lily Laskine, Marcel Grandjany, and her predecessor at Juilliard, Susann McDonald. She has made numerous recordings (one nominated for a Grammy Award) and has performed solo concerts for forty years.

Both her sisters are also noteworthy harpists. Her sister Barbara Allen is the principal harpist for the American Ballet Theatre Orchestra and the Greenwich Symphony. Her sister Jane Allen is the principal harpist for the Eugene Symphony.


5. Maianthemum bifolium of lily & sapphire

Maianthemum bifolium (false lily of the valley or May lily) is often a localized common rhizomatous flowering plant, native from western Europe (including Britain) east to Siberia, China and Japan. Non-flowering stems usually have only one waxy leaf, but on flowering plants there is one basal leaf that withers away before flowering, and two stem leaves produced alternately up the 1020 cm tall stems, which are topped off with many star-shaped white flowers.

The leaves are heart to triangular, 38 cm long and 25 cm broad, with small fine hairs on the veins. The flowers have four tepals, four stamens and have two chambers in the pistil; flowering is in mid spring to early summer. This species, along with Maianthemum canadense and Maianthemum dilatatum are the only four-tepaled species.

One to two seeds are produced in round berries that are speckled red when immature and redden with age. This species is found in the wild growing in open forests and on damp soils in grassy ditches and thickets.



Agaiambo of lily & sapphire

Agaiambo is a swamp in Oro Province, Papua New Guinea. The swamp was previously noted for a Pygmy race of inhabitants also called Agaiambo. During the Second World War a US Air Force Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress crashed into the area.

In 1972 the plane was rediscovered nicknamed The Swamp Ghost. The Agaiambo or Agaumbu were a race of dwarf marsh-dwellers discovered in British New Guinea or Papua, but assumed now extinct. In his annual report for 1904 the acting administrator of British New Guinea stated that on a visit he paid to their district he saw six males and four females.

The Agaiambo lived in huts erected on piles in the lakes and marshes. Dwarfish in stature but broadly built, they were remarkable for the shortness of their legs. They lived almost entirely in their dug-out canoes or wading in the water.

Their food consisted of sago, the roots of the water-lily and fish. The Agaiambo are believed to have been formerly numerous, but had suffered from the raids of their cannibalistic Papuan neighbours. In features, colour and hair they closely resembled true Melanesians.


7. Moses Berlin of lily & sapphire

Rabbi Moses Berlin (18521927) was a prominent British Reform Jewish rabbi. He was born and lived his whole life in Manchester.

In 1874, he became Assistant Rabbi at the Manchester Synagogue of British Jews. He became Rabbi in 1885, following the retirement of L. M.

Simmons. Moses retired in 1912. He was a friend of Simeon Singer.

In the preface to his prayer book, Singer wrote "My thanks are due to the Chief Rabbi, to Dr. Friedlander, Mr. I.

Abrahams, and the Rev. Dr. Berlin for the valuable assistance they have rendered me while the book was passing through the press.

" His name was removed from the second edition. The reason is unknown, but the name of Claude Montefiore was also removed, to avoid associating the prayer book with the name of someone who had departed from orthodox Judaism, He assisted Herbert Adler, who said "The Editor's thanks are due to the Rev. B.

Berliner and to Dr. M. Berlin for their aid in the correction of the Hebrew proofs.

" Israel Abrahams also acknowledged his help: "I have had the great advantage of the help of Dr. M. Berlin of Manchester in the correction of the proofs.



8. Paul Claes of lily & sapphire

Paul Claes (born 30 October 1943) is a Flemish scholar, writer, poet and translator. Born in Leuven, Claes graduated in classical literature and Germanic philology (Dutch and English).

He obtained a PhD in 1981, with a dissertation De mot zit in de mythe on references to classical texts in the works of Hugo Claus. He worked at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and the Catholic University of Nijmegen. Claes made his debut as a poet in 1983 with sonnets in De zonen van de zon.

His translation of T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land" (2007) includes a comprehensive commentary and a new interpretation.

"La clef des Illuminations" (2008) is a new interpretation of Arthur Rimbaud's masterpiece. "Concatenatio Catulliana" (2002) proposes a new theory about the arrangement of Catullus' "Carmina". Het netwerk en de nevelvlek (1979) De zonen van de zon (1983) Claus-reading (1984) De mot zit in de mythe (1984) 'Hans Favery.

Een (de)constructie' (1985) De Kwadratuur van de Onyx (1986) Claus quadrifrons (1987) Echo's echo's. De kunst van de allusie (1988) Rebis (1989) Het laatste boek (1992) De Sater (1993) Gezelle gelezen (1993 i.e.

1992) Embleem (1994) Mimicry (1994) Raadsels van Rilke (1995) De zoon van de Panter (1996) De phoenix (1998) De gulden tak (2000) Glans (2000) De kameleon (2001) Het Hart van de Schorpioen (2002) De Lezer (2003) Lily (2003) Sfinx (2004) Psyche (2006) Plastic Love (2013) De haas en de regenboog (2016)


9. Writing of lily & sapphire

The Invisible Wall: A Love Story That Broke Barriers, his first-published book, dealt with a number of topics, including with his long-suffering mother Ada's struggle to feed her 6 children, an abusive, alcoholic father, the anti-Semitism Bernstein and his Jewish neighbors encountered growing up in a Cheshire mill town (Stockport, now part of Greater Manchester) in northwest England; the loss of Jews and Christians from the community in World War I, and the Romeo and Juliet romance experienced by his sister Lily and her Christian boyfriend. The book was started when Bernstein was 93 and published in 2007, when he was 96.

The loneliness he encountered following the death of his wife, Ruby, in 2002, after 67 years of marriage, was the catalyst for the work. The Dream (2008) is centered on his family's move to the West Side of Chicago in 1922 when he was twelve. The Golden Willow (2009), chronicles his married life and later years.

A fourth book, What Happened to Rose, was published posthumously in 2012.


10. Jacob Schulz of lily & sapphire

Jacob (Jake) Shulz (October 12, 1901 August 14, 1983) was a Canadian farmer and politician as well as the father-in-law of Governor General Ed Schreyer.

Shulz was born in Friedensthal, a Bessarabia German community in the Russian Empire, from 1918 part of Romania and today Mirnopolye, Ukraine. He came to Canada with his wife in 1930 to become a farmer in the Gilbert Plains area of Manitoba. He joined the co-operative movement and became involved in municipal politics.

He was a candidate for the Manitoba Co-operative Commonwealth Federation in the 1949 provincial election losing by 300 votes to Ray Mitchell. In 1950, Schulz became founding president of the Manitoba Farmers Union and served as chairman of the Interprovincial Farm Union Council in the mid-1950s. He was elected to Parliament in the 1957 general election representing Springfield for the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation.

He only served for a year before losing his seat in the 1958 federal election that elected a landslide majority government for the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Shulz founded a construction company in 1960 and wrote a book, The Rise and Fall of Farm Organizations. His daughter, Lily is to married Ed Schreyer who, in the 1965 federal election, was elected a CCF MP from Schulz' old riding of Springfield.



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