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1. The decline and extinction of the Affleck baronetcy of lily & sapphire

The seventh baronet lost money through fraudulent dealings by a firm of solicitors and sold Dalham Hall and its estate in 1901 to Cecil Rhodes to raise 100,000. The 8th baronet, Frederick Danby James Affleck, was born with no expectation of inheriting the title and immigrated to Queensland, Australia as a cadet with the P&O shipping line.

Knowledge About Lily & Sapphire 1

He unexpectedly inherited the title after the death of his cousin, the seventh baronet, in 1919. Frederick Affleck was involved in numerous business ventures in Queensland but lost all his money. He died, poor and blind, on 24 July 1939 at the Dunwich Benevolent Asylum on North Stradroke Island in Queensland, Australia and was buried in Toowong Cemetery in Brisbane.

Frederick Affleck's eldest son, Frederick James Siddartha Affleck (born 1905 in Wynnum, Brisbane), was a habitual criminal and at the time of his father's death in 1939 was in Boggo Road Gaol in Brisbane along with his younger brother Dalham Robert Affleck serving a four-year sentence for robbery and blackmail. Although Frederick senior and Frederick junior wanted Frederick junior to inherit the title from his father, Frederick junior and his siblings were illegitimate as Frederick senior had not been legally married to their mother at the time of their births. Although Frederick senior claimed to have married Elizabeth Annie (Lily) Ross in 1904, at that time she was married to (but separated from) her first husband Lionel Laurence Green.

Frederick senior and Lily did not marry until 1918 after Lily believed Green to have died. However, Green had not died, so this was not a legal marriage. Shortly before his death, on 21 June 1939, with Green definitely dead, Frederick senior and Lilly married again and then re-registered the births of their children which, under Queensland law, made their children legitimate as their parents were now legally married.

After Frederick senior's death, Lily applied on behalf of her imprisoned son for him to inherit the title. However, after many enquiries, on 22 June 1949, the Attorney-General declared that English law did not recognise Queensland's subsequent legitimacy of the birth as being sufficient to inherit the title. As there were no other living heirs, the title became extinct.


2. Lily Ann Granderson of lily & sapphire

Lily Ann Granderson was born a slave in Virginia in 1816. She was a pioneering educator.

Her grandmother was a free woman of Native American descent. However, after the death of her grandmother, Granderson's mother was sold into slavery at 3 years of age. Later in Granderson's life, she was moved to Kentucky and worked as a house slave because of her fair skin.

Little is known about her father, except that he was a white man who was from one of the First Families of Virginia (FFV). Granderson and the master's family became quite close. The master's children even taught her how to read and write, a common method used by enslaved people to gain literacy, after she successfully persuaded them.

Tragedy struck for Granderson when her master died and she was shipped down the river to Mississippi where she was sold to another slave master. On this plantation, Granderson worked in the fields, something she was not accustomed to, causing her to fall ill. She begged the slave master to remove her from the field and place her somewhere where the work wasn't so hard on her health.

After much begging, the slave master allowed her to work in the kitchen at his home. The slave master's home was not located directly on the plantation but in town. Because of this, Granderson had to make the trip into town every day, but it was preferable to working in the fields from sunup to sundown.

Going into town allowed Granderson to open her own school. However, it was against the law in Mississippi to educate slaves out of fear of rebels and runaways. To get around this, Granderson held classes late at night and enslaved children would sneak out to attend class.

Class size was limited to 12 children at a time. After the children had learned how to read and write, they "graduated", making room for 12 more children. Granderson operated this class for about seven years without being discovered.

Unfortunately, word eventually got out about this late-night class for slaves. Surprisingly, there wasn't a penalty for Granderson's actions. Although there was a law against the education of slaves, there was a loophole in this Mississippi law that Granderson had unknowingly stumbled into.

While it was against Mississippi law for white people and free slaves to educate another slave, there was nothing in the law book about one slave educating another slave. As a result of this, Granderson recovered from this setback and opened a Sabbath school in addition to her late-night school. Through her efforts, hundreds of students became literate and were able to use their literacy to acquire freedom.

Granderson was married and had two children. At 54 years of age, she became one of the first African-Americans to open an account at the Freedman's Bank.



Teams of lily & sapphire

Current TeamsNorthern DivisionAir-IT NottinghamAir-IT Nottingham are based at Nottingham SRC. Their player roster is: World ranking in brackets Alan Clyne , Eddie Charlton , Lewis Walters , Chris Fuller , Ollie Holland , Mark Fuller , George Parker , David Wardle , Emma Beddoes , Lisa Aitkin , Siobhan Knight, AJP PontefractAJP Pontefract is based at Pontefract Squash Club, West Yorkshire Their player roster is World ranking in brackets James Willstrop , Saurav Ghosal , Harinder Pal Sandhu , Lee Beachill, Adam Taylor, Taminder Gata Aura , Alex Hodgetts, Sam Wileman, George Wileman, Chris Van Der Salm , David Campion, Sarah Kippax , Joshna Chinappa , Kirsty McPhee, Katie Smith , Benz Bavarian DuffieldBased at Duffield Squash Club, Derbyshire. Nick Matthew , Steve Coppinger , Karim Ali Fathi , Joel Hinds , Andy Whipp, Aqeel Rehman , Declan James , Scott Handley, Adam Murrills , Ashley Davies , Paul Hargrave, Laura Massaro , Tania Bailey, Fiona Scott, Lily Taylor , Chapel AllertonDaryl Selby , Chris Simpson , Shaun Le Roux , Renan Lavigne, Dylan Bennett, James Earles, Simon Parke, Daniel Hockborn , Julian Tomlinson , Matt Sidaway, Pete Bilson, Dominic Hamilton, Jenny Duncalf, Carrie Ramsey, Samantha Ward Coolhurst LondonCoolhurst London is based at Coolhurst Tennis and Squash Club, London.

It is included in the northern division following the withdrawal of Oxford. Player roster: Simon Rsner, Ong Beng Hee, Omar Abdel Meguid, Ben Coleman, Yann Perrin, Adam Auckland, Madeline Perry, Nicolette Fernandes, Lauren Selby, University of BirminghamUoB Squash Team is situated at the University of Birmingham. Player roster: Cameron Pilley, Chris Ryder, Jaymie Haycocks, Peter Creed, Nathan Lake, Bradley Hindle, Jonny Harford, Chris Tasker, Joel Makin, Scott Young, Oliver Mapp, Sarah-Jane Perry, Olga Ertlova, Deon Saffery, Southern DivisionExeter DiamondsBased at Devon and Exeter Squash club.

Player roster: Omar Mosaad, Laurens Jan Anjema, Olli Tuominen, Mathieu Castagnet, Joey Barrington, Tim Vail, James Laird Natalie Grinham, Aisling Blake, Tory Temple-Murray, Integrity Surrey H&RLuxford's St George's HillTeam ChichesterUWE/ Elite Squash Bristol


4. Judeo-Iranian languages of lily & sapphire

The Judeo-Iranian languages (or dialects) are a number of related Jewish variants of Iranian languages spoken throughout the formerly extensive realm of the Persian Empire. Judeo-Iranian dialects are generally conservative in comparison with those of their Muslim neighbours.

Judeo-Shirazi, for example, remains close to the language of Hafez. Like most Jewish languages, all the Judeo-Iranian languages contain great numbers of Hebrew loanwords, and are written using variations of the Hebrew alphabet. Another name used for some Judeo-Iranian dialects is Latorayi, sometimes interpreted by folk etymology as "not the language of the Torah".

This refers to a form of the language in which the number of Hebrew and Aramaic loanwords is deliberately maximised to allow it to function as a secret code. In general, however, the number of such loanwords is small compared with that in other Jewish languages such as Yiddish or Judaeo-Spanish. Dzhidi (literary Judeo-Persian) Luter'i (Pronounced "looteraiee," a secret language combining an Aramaic and Hebrew vocabulary with Persian conjunctions and grammatical morphemes) Bukhori (Judeo-Bukharic, Judeo-Tajik, the Jewish language of the distinctive Jewish community centered in Bukhara) Judeo-Golpaygani (the Judeo-Persian language traditionally spoken in the environs of Gulpaigan and western Isfahan Province, Iran) Judeo-Yazdi (spoken in the environs of Yazd and elsewhere in Yazd Province, in central Iran) Judeo-Kermani (spoken in Kerman and elsewhere in Kerman Province, in south-central Iran) Judeo-Shirazi (spoken in Shiraz and elsewhere in Fars Province, in southwestern Iran) Judeo-Esfahani (spoken in Isfahan and environs, as well as elsewhere in central and southern Isfahan Province, Iran) Judeo-Hamedani (spoken in Hamadan and elsewhere in Hamadan Province, in western Iran) Judeo-Kashani (spoken in Kashan, Abyaneh, and elsewhere in northern Isfahan Province, in western Iran) Lufl'i (Pronounced "looflaiee," a Kashani variation of Luter'i) Judeo-Borujerdi (spoken in Borujerd and elsewhere in Lorestan Province, in western Iran) Judeo-Khorramabadi (spoken in Khorramabad and elsewhere in Lorestan Province, in western Iran) Judeo-Nehevandi (spoken in Nahavand and elsewhere in northern Hamadan Province, in western Iran) Judeo-Khunsari (spoken in Khansar and elsewhere in far-western Isfahan Province, in western Iran) Juhuri (Judo-Tat) (A Jewish-Azari dialect spoken in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Dagestan (North Caucasus) and previous Jewish diaspora in Iranian Azerbaijan.

Judeo-Aramaic (not to be confused with several Jewish Neo-Aramaic languages.


5. Sophie Bould of lily & sapphire

Sophie Bould is a British theatre and TV actress, from Shropshire, where she attended Thomas Telford School and St Dominic's High School for Girls in Brewood.

She is now based in London. Her first stage appearance was as a little French girl, at age eight with the South Staffs Musical Theatre Company at the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton. She has said: "It was from that performance that I knew I wanted to be an actress, it propelled me to take drama lessons and now Im returning to that stage.

Its a strange but lovely feeling". Bould graduated with a first class degree from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, having earlier attended the National Youth Theatre. Her television appearances include Doctors, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries and Holby City.

Bould appeared in the West End at the London Palladium in the original Andrew Lloyd Webber production of The Sound of Music, alongside Connie Fisher. Bould played the eldest child of the Von Trapp family, "Liesl". She was also the understudy for "Maria" and received rave reviews in that role, having stepped in to cover an extended absence by Fisher through illness.

Bould left The Sound of Music on 24 September 2007. Bould appeared at the National Theatre on the South Bank in Coram Boy and enjoyed a season at Regent's Park, London. Her stage debut was as the lead in the Rodgers and Hammerstein version of Cinderella, at the Bristol Old Vic.

In 2008 she starred in the UK tour of Noises Off and later that year as "Belle" at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre in A Christmas Carol until January 2010. During the summer of 2010, Bould joined the companies of Sheridan's The Critic and Tom Stoppard's The Real Inspector Hound at Chichester Festival Theatre, playing to full houses and rave reviews. Most recently she took the leading role of "Lily" in The Secret Garden at Edinburgh Festival Theatre and the Royal Alexandra Theatre, Toronto, Canada.

She married Robin Savage in Shropshire in September 2010. Bould starred as "Tracy Lord" in a UK tour of High Society in early 2013.



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