Knowledge About Lily & Sapphire

1. Hosts of lily & sapphire

Alex Amado Alwien Raidene Lacanilao Anya Benitez Arthur Anthony Cipriano Atom Araullo Byron Abao Carlo Mendoza Chiyomi Rances Chuck Grey Chynna Ortaleza Diego Maranan Eliza Agabin Enzo Marcos Frances Fleta Giancarlo Hilario Giggles Arceo Ian Tugas Jennifer Cremen Jessica Gallegos Jolly Estaris John Laurence Patulan Joseton Vergel de Dios Josh Matic Justine de Jesus Kai de Veyra Krianne Maniego Lily Anne Casimiro Luigi Exconde Luz Yballe Maureen Araneta Maxene Magalona Melvin Abundo Nicai de Guzman Nina Serquina Nina Torres Oly Fernando Pamela Cajilig Paolo Olbes Patrick da Silva Phoebe Cabaluna Rayver Cruz Rex Sayson Rodjun Cruz Rookie Camaclang Rupert Eustaquio Satin Abad Tin Tin Leones Veronica Dorotheo Wilroy Dilao Xavi Gonzalez Zak Yuson


2. Loveless (surname) of lily & sapphire

Loveless is a surname.

Knowledge About Lily & Sapphire 1

Notable people with the surname include: April Loveless, the 4-year-old Texas girl whose parents (Debbie Tucker Loveless and John Harvey Miller) were convicted of her 1989 murder, then later exonerated Bruce Loveless, U.S. Naval Intelligence, Director of Intelligence Operations, NAVINT, and a central figure in a corruption scandal Bob Loveless, notable knifemaker Dr.

Loveless, recurring fictional character in TV series The Wild Wild West, portrayed by Michael Dunn James and George Loveless, two of the Tolpuddle Martyrs Lily Loveless, British actress Lydia Loveless, American country singer Melinda Loveless (born 1975), one of the perpetrators of the torture-murder of Shanda Sharer Patty Loveless, American country singer Shane Loveless, Australian rules footballer


3. Thore Ehrling of lily & sapphire

Thore Ehrling (December 29, 1912, Stockholm - October 21, 1994, Stockholm) was a Swedish trumpeter, composer, and bandleader, who led jazz and popular music ensembles. Ehrling played with Frank Vernon's ensemble from 1930 to 1934, and concomitantly studied at the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.

From 1935 to 1938 he played under Hkan von Eichwald and did arrangement and composition work on the side. He founded his own ensemble in 1938, which grew to big band size in the nineteen years it was active. This group played popular music and jazz, recorded frequently, and played often on Swedish radio.

The group featured many sidemen who went on to become prominent on the Swedish jazz scene, such as Uffe Baadh and Carl-Henrik Norin, and accompanied popular Swedish singers such as Inger Berggren and Lily Berglund.


4. Secret Garden Party of lily & sapphire

The Secret Garden Party, often colloquially shortened to SGP, was an annual independent arts and music festival which took place in Abbots Ripton near Huntingdon in England.

This location is on part of the grounds of a Georgian farm house and has its own lakes, river and landscaped gardens. The festival was launched by Fred Fellowes and James Whewell in 2004 as an alternative to the established mainstream music festivals. Since its inception the festival has increased in popularity and size, and has grown from one stage and 1,000 visitors in 2004, to more than 15 stages and 26,000 revellers in 2011.

In March 2017, it was announced that the 2017 edition would be the last. The Secret Garden Party supports The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), which aims to prevent male suicide in the United Kingdom.



People of lily & sapphire

Given nameKuno II von Falkenstein (13201388), Archbishop of Trier Kuno Becker (born 1978), Mexican actor Kuno-Hans von Both (18841955), German military commander Kuno Fischer (18241907), German philosopher and historian Kuno Francke (18551930), German-American historian Kuno Goda, German artist Kuno Gonschior (19332010), German painter Kuno Kltzer (19222011), German football coach Kuno von Klebelsberg (18751932), Hungarian politician Kuno Lorenz (born 1932), German philosopher Kuno Meyer (18581919), German linguist Kuno von Meyer (19132010), German military commander Kuno von Moltke (18471923), German military commander Kuno Pajula (19242012), Estonian clergyman Kuno Veeber (18981929), Estonian painter Kuno von Westarp (18641945), German politicianSurnameAyaka Kuno (born 1987), Japanese sprint canoer Hisashi Kuno (19101969), Japanese geologist Junya Kuno (born 1988), Japanese football player Katsura Kuno Makiko Kuno (born 1967), Japanese actress Misaki Kuno (born 1993), Japanese actress and voice actress Seiichi Kuno (18871962), Japanese military commander Susumu Kuno (born 1933), Japanese linguist Tomoaki Kuno (born 1973), Japanese football player


6. Awards and nominations of lily & sapphire

On Selection List, Family Award for Children's Books for "Love from Grandma" 2011 Notable book, CBC for "Love from Grandma" 2011 Cool Award - Shortlist for "Lucy's Cat and the Rainbow Birds" 2008 CBC Book Awards, Early Childhood - Shortlist for "Playmates" 2003 Christian Schools Book Award for "The Fisherman and the Theefyspray" 1998 (winner) Wilderness Society Environment Award for "The Fisherman and the Theefyspray" 1994 (winner) Human Rights Award 1992 for "The Wolf" (winner) CBC Awards-Younger Readers-Shortlist for "The Wolf" 1992 Victorian Premiers Award-Shortlist for "Drac and the Gremlin" 1989 CBC Picture Book of the Year 1989 for "Drac and the Gremlin" (winner) Kate Greenaway Medal-Shortlist for "There's a Sea in my Bedroom"1985 CBC Picture Book Award - Shortlist for "There's a Sea in my Bedroom" 1985 Frequent Shortlistings for Yabba Awards.



Music career of lily & sapphire

Fowler was one of four female vocalists in the 1980s Australian pop music band, Chantoozies (198691), which also included David Reyne. The other three females were Tottie Goldsmith, Eve von Bibra and Angelica La Bozzetta. Their first single was a number-four hit with a cover version of "Witch Queen" (March 1987).

The group had success with other singles including a number-six hit with "Wanna Be Up" (May 1988), and top 40 peaks for "He's Gonna Step on You Again" (June 1987, No. 36), "Kiss 'n' Tell" (August 1988, No. 25) and "Love the One You're With" (March 1991, No.

 21). They also issued two albums, Chantoozies (September 1988, No. 8) and Gild the Lily (April 1991, No.

 71). From 2012, Chantoozies have performed reunion gigs and released a single, "Baby It's You", in April 2014.



Three Angels and Young Tobias of lily & sapphire

Three Archangels with Young Tobias is a painting by the Italian Renaissance painter Filippino Lippi, dated 1485. It is housed in the Galleria Sabauda of Turin. On the background of a rocky landscape, resembling that of the London Adoration of the Magi, the picture represents the three archangels: Michael on the left, Raphael in the centre, and Gabriel holding a lily, together with a young Tobias, son of Tobit.

The scene is clearly inspired by a Voyage of Tobias by Francesco Botticini, once in the Florentine church of Florence and now in the Uffizi, while the angels resemble those painted by Filippino himself in the Liberation of St. Peter in the Brancacci Chapel. The work was once attributed to Sandro Botticelli or his workshop.


9. Smith Curtis of lily & sapphire

Smith Curtis (November 16, 1855 August 28, 1949) was a lawyer and political figure. He represented West Kootenay-Rossland in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia from 1900 to 1903.

He was born in Leeds township, Leeds County, Ontario, the son of Northrup Curtis, and was educated in Ontario. Curtis was called to the Manitoba bar in 1885 and to the British Columbia bar in 1886. He later became involved in mining.

In 1890, he married Lily E. Mills. Curtis practised law in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba in partnership with Joseph Martin.

In 1886, he served on the town council for Portage la Prairie. Curtis served in the short-lived Martin cabinet of 1900 as Minister of Mines, even though he did not hold a seat in the assembly at the time. He died in Kamloops.


10. Raul Usupov of lily & sapphire

Raul Usupov (Georgian: / Raul Usupovi; Azeri: Raul Yusupov) (1980 February 3, 2005) was a politician in the nation of Georgia and deputy governor of Kvemo Kartli region. He was born in the village of Karajala, near Telavi, Kakheti, to Azeri parents - Yashar and Lily Usupov.

At the age of 20, he moved to Tbilisi, where he got married and had a daughter. He later joined Georgia's United National Movement, then led by Zurab Zhvania (who later became Georgia's Prime Minister). He became a close friend of Zhvania and it was in Usupov's flat in Tbilisi that the two men were found dead in the early hours of the morning of 3 February 2005, apparently as a result of a natural gas leak, and with "no sign of foul play", according to Georgian authorities and FBI officers.


11. List of accolades received by of lily & sapphire

Nashville received numerous awards and nominations from various critical organizations, including major institutions such as the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and British Academy Film Awards, as well as regional critical associations. The film was nominated for a total of 11 Golden Globe nominations, to date the most ever received by one film.

It also received four Golden Globe nominations in a single acting category; this was and remains unprecedented for major film award shows. It won a BAFTA Film Award for Best Sound Track. Altman won for best director from: Cartagena Film Festival; Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards; National Board of Review; National Society of Film Critics Awards; and the New York Film Critics Circle Awards.

Lily Tomlin was awarded the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actress.


12. Chasmanthe of lily & sapphire

Chasmanthe is a genus of flowering plants in the family Iridaceae, first described in 1932.

It is endemic to Cape Province in South Africa. It is widely grown as an ornamental and naturalized in various locations. In their native habitat the flowers are pollinated by sunbirds.

The genus name is derived from the Greek words chasme, meaning "gaping", and anthos, meaning "flower". SpeciesChasmanthe aethiopica (L.) N.

E.Br. (Chasmanthe, Cobra Lily) - Cape Province; naturalized in Spain, Madeira, Canary Islands, Greek islands Chasmanthe bicolor (Gasp.

ex Ten.) N.E.

Br. - Cape Province; naturalized in California Chasmanthe floribunda (Salisb.) N.

E.Br. (South African Cornflag, Pennants) - Cape Province; naturalized in California, Algeria, Australia, Argentina, St.



13. Political career of lily & sapphire

He represented the Armagh constituency, and was first returned to the British House of Commons at the February 1974 general election. He was returned again in October 1974 and in the 1979 election.

In 1982 he topped the poll in Armagh in the Assembly election. At the 1983 general election, McCusker was returned for the new seat of Upper Bann. Alongside other Unionist MPs, he resigned his seat in protest at the Anglo-Irish Agreement in 1985, in order to contest his seat again at the ensuing by-election.

He was returned again at the 1987 general election, which was to prove his last he died of cancer in 1990, causing another by-election, which was won by future Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble.


14. Bibliography of lily & sapphire

Lena Kennedy grew up in Hoxton and attended Gospel Street school, leaving at fourteen to work in a tailoring factory.

Her Father was Cornelius Erin Kennedy and her mother Margaret Murphy who were irish immigrants from Cork. On the 13th April l938 she married Frederick George Smith and they had two children. Her first novel was published when she was sixty four and she went on to write many best selling books.

FictionMaggie (1979) Autumn Alley (1980) Kitty (1981) ISBN Nelly Kelly (1981) Lizzie (1983) Lady Penelope (1984) Susan (1985) Lily, My Lovely (1985) Down Our Street (1987) Dandelion Seed (1988) Eve's Apples (1989) Inn on the Marsh (1989) Owen Oliver (1990) Kate of Clyve Shore (collection) (1992) Ivy of the Angel (collection) 1993) Queenie's Castle (1994)Autobiographical worksAway to the Woods: The Autobiography of Lena Kennedy (1995)


15. Gerald Wellesley of lily & sapphire

Gerald Valerian Wellesley (1809 17 September 1882) was a Church of England cleric who became the Dean of Windsor. More importantly, he was domestic chaplain to Queen Victoria and played a major advisory role regarding the royal family's personal affairs.

He was one of the Queen's chief confidants and often served as an intermediary in her problems and conflicts. In Church appointments he was sensitive to the Queen's preferences: he avoided recommending the appointment of either High Churchmen or teetotallers. He tried to identify and place clergymen who were also high status gentlemen in key parish churches.

He was politically nonpartisan, but was a friend of William Gladstone. He played a prominent advisory role in the ministerial crisis of 1880.



Brayton, New South Wales of lily & sapphire

Brayton is a locality in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia, in the Upper Lachlan Shire. At the 2016 census, it had a population of 173. It was formerly known as Longreach, the name of a property granted to Peter Stuckey in the mid-1820s.

The house he built with convict labour is made of sandstone from the area. Further information is in Early Colonial Houses of New South Wales by Rachel Roxburgh. Its name was changed to avoid confusion with the Queensland town of Longreach and apparently named after Lily Brayton, an English actress and singer.

It had a public school from 1859 to 1953. This includes periods when it was closed or operated as a "half-time" school.



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