Knowledge About Lily & Sapphire

1. Recipients of the Lauritzen AwardRecipients of the Henkel Award of lily & sapphire

2018 Inge Sofie Skovbo and Mads Mikkelsen 2017 Danica Curcic and Ole Thestrup 2016 Solbjrg Hjfeldt and Jesper Christensen 2015 Karen-Lise Mynster and Peter Plaugborg 2014 Marianne Hgsbro and Thure Lindhardt 2013 Birthe Neumann and Sren Malling 2012 Sidse Babett Knudsen and Nikolaj Lie Kaas 2011 Lene Maria Christensen and Ulf Pilgaard 2010 Paprika Steen and Olaf Johannessen 2009 Jesper Langberg and Ditte Hansen 2008 Henning Jensen and Tina Gylling Mortensen 2007 Bodil Jrgensen and Dejan uki 2006 Meike Bahnsen and Janus Bakrawi 2005 Jannie Faurschou and Nicolas Bro 2004 Trine Dyrholm and Ole Lemmeke 2003 Anne-Vibeke Mogensen and Sren Stter-Lassen 2002 Ann Eleonora Jrgensen and Lars Mikkelsen 2001 Sofie Grbl and Jens Jrn Spottag 2000 Birgitte Simonsen and Kim Veisgaard 1999 Ellen Hillings and Aksel Erhardsen 1998 Andrea Vagn Jensen and Frits Helmuth 1997 Karen Wegener and Morten Kirkskov 1996 Lisbeth Gajhede and Mikael Birkkjr 1995 Jens Albinus and Sren Pilmark 1994 Henning Moritzen 1993 Jrgen Reenberg1995 Charlotte Bving 1994 Tammi st 1993 Annika Johannessen 1992 Kirsten Rolffes 1991 Benedikte Hansen 1990 Bodil Kjer 1990 Ditte Grbl 1989 Helle Hertz 1988 Kirsten Lehfeldt 1987 Lily Broberg 1986 Malene Schwartz 1985 Birthe Neumann 1984 Karen-Lise Mynster 1983 Lisbeth Dahl 1982 Berthe Quistgaard 1981 Stina Ekblad 1980 Ulla Henningsen 1979 Susse Wold 1978 Lise Ringheim 1977 Kirsten Olesen 1976 Ann-Mari Max Hansen 1976 Merete Volstedlund 1973 Birgitte Federspiel 1972 Astrid Villaume 1971 Ghita Nrby 1970 Bodil Udsen 1969 Birgitte Price 1968 Karin Nellemose 1967 Lone Hertz 1966 Lily Weiding 1965 Bodil Kjer


2. Tomlin of lily & sapphire

Tomlin is a surname, and may refer to: PersonsAndrew J.

Knowledge About Lily & Sapphire 1

Tomlin (18451906), American Marine; recipient of the Medal of Honor for action in the American Civil War Bradley Walker Tomlin (18991955), American abstract expressionist painter Chris Tomlin (born 1972), American Christian singer and songwriter Claire J. Tomlin (born 1969), American systems researcher Dave Tomlin (born 1949), American professional baseball player E. W.

F. Tomlin (19131988), British essayist Gary Tomlin (contemporary), American television soap opera writer and producer Gavin Tomlin (born 1983), English professional football player George Napier Tomlin (18751947), British naval officer Graham Tomlin (born 1958), British Anglican priest and author; Dean of St. Mellitus College Jacob Tomlin (fl.

19th century), British author and missionary to China in the 19th century John Read le Brockton Tomlin (18641954), British malacologist Lee Tomlin (born 1989), English professional football player Lily Tomlin (born 1939), American actress and comedian Mark Vella Tomlin (19592010), Maltese pilot and actor Mattson Tomlin (born 1990), Romanian screenwriter and producer Mike Tomlin (born 1972), American professional football coach Mollie Tomlin (19232009), Australian watercolor artist Pinky Tomlin (19071987), American jazz musician and actor Randy Tomlin (born 1956), American professional baseball player Ray S. Tomlin (fl. 18891929), American educator; president of Paine College in Augusta, Georgia Robyn Tomlin (born 1971), American journalist and newspaper editor Thomas Tomlin, Baron Tomlin (18671935), British jurist William Tomlin, (18661910) English cricketerFictional charactersVernon Tomlin, character on the British soap opera Coronation Street



Len Fulford of lily & sapphire

Leonard Alfred Fulford (11 November 1928 27 November 2011) was a British commercial photographer and director, with a specialty for photography of still life. He was one of the founding members of BFCS. With studios in London, New York, Los Angeles and Milan, BFCS was one of the most successful commercial production companies of all time, winning the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Advertising Festival an unprecedented six times.

Fulford directed the popular Go to work on an egg television commercials for the Egg Marketing Board during the 1960s. Fulford also directed many of the iconic Guinness television commercials of the 1970s and 1980s, along with other memorable spots like the Courage Best 'Rabbit Rabbit' commercial featuring the specially written song by Chas and Dave, and the iconic Simple skincare commercial in which robotic arms spray a pristine white lily with colouring and perfume. His work earned him numerous awards and much recognition.

The famous "Go to work on an egg" television ad campaign which he directed earned him the nickname "the eggman" within the industry. John Lennon makes reference to Len as "the eggman" in The Beatles song "I Am the Walrus". Len Fulford retired in 1995 and resided in East Anglia.

He died in Friston, Suffolk, on 27 November 2011, at the age of 83. He is survived by three sons. His wife, the former Gillian Fox, whom he married in 1953, died in 2007.


4. Louis Joel of lily & sapphire

Louis J. Joel (12 September 1864 6 May 1949) was a New Zealand cricketer who played for Otago.

He was born and died in Dunedin. Lou Joel made a single first-class appearance for Otago, during the 18991900 season, against Auckland at the Auckland Domain. Jack Harkness had been named in the side but was injured in an accident, and Joel, who was in Auckland on business, filled the gap on the second day of the match as a full substitute after Otago had batted one short in the first innings.

In his only innings, batting at number 11, he scored 1 not out. Joel was a stalwart of the Albion Cricket Club in Dunedin, playing for it for more than 25 years, including 10 years as captain of the First XI. He also supported it financially.

He later served on the Otago Cricket Association, including some time as president. Joel's father was prominent Otago brewer and businessman, Maurice Joel, and his sister was notable artist Grace Joel. He married Lily Miller in October 1910.

After retiring from cricket he co-founded a construction business with the McLellan brothers (William, James, and Duncan), which became one of the city's more successful companies. It was involved in the construction of many major civic structures in Otago and Southland, among them King Edward Technical College, Dunedin's St Paul's Cathedral, the Physics block of the University of Otago, and the former Southland Hospital in Invercargill.



Amazonas Philharmonic of lily & sapphire

The Amazonas Philharmonic (Portuguese: Amazonas Filarmnica) is a professional orchestra of the Amazonas (Brazilian state), headquartered in Manaus, and was founded on September 26, 1997, by Julio Medaglia. The orchestras Lead Conductor (Regente Titular) is Luiz Fernando Malheiro, and the Assistant Conductor and Artistic Director is Marcelo de Jesus. The Amazonas Philharmonic orchestra rehearses and performs concerts at the Amazon Theatre (a well known theater in the city of Manaus).

The Philharmonic is the official orchestra of the Festival Amazonas de pera (which is held every year from March until May). In 2011 the orchestra completed their 15th consecutive year of the festival. The logo of the orchestra (a lily-pad superscript of "Amazonas Philharmonic") was created by Hans Donner, known designer of Rede Globo (a major Brazilian television network).

In April 2008, the opera, "a Ira" by Roger Waters (from the musical group, Pink Floyd) was performed in Brazil by the Amazonas Philharmonic, at the Teatro Amazonas. It was played for the opening of the XII Festival Amazonas de pera, with Luiz Fernando Malheiro conducting. In January 2012, The Secretaria de Estado de Cultura (the secretary of culture for the state) launched the Turn Mandaaia (the Mandacaia concert tour).

The Amazonas Philharmonic played in the cities of Maus, Boa Vista do Ramos, Barreirinha, Parintins, and Urucar; All located within the Amazon rainforest in Amazonas (Brazilian state).


6. Coon Creek Girls of lily & sapphire

The Coon Creek Girls were a popular all-female "string band" in the Appalachian style of folk music (a precursor of country music) which began in the mid-1930s.

Created (and named) by John Lair for his Renfro Valley Barn Dance show, the band originally consisted of sisters Lily May and Rosie Ledford (from Powell County, Kentucky) along with Esther "Violet" Koehler (from Indiana), Evelyn "Daisey" Lange (from Ohio)and Norma Madge Mullins (from Renfro Valley, Kentucky). On June 8, 1939, when King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited the White House of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, there were numerous musical acts, including Lawrence Tibbett, Marian Anderson, and Kate Smith.

Also included were a troupe of Bascom Lunsford's square dancers and the Coon Creek Girls. In 1979, John Lair revived the name with the New Coon Creek Girls, a combo which remained popular for several decades, despite numerous changes in line-up. Among the former members are Pamela Gadd and Pam Perry, who later became members of the country band Wild Rose.

In 2013, the original touring group of the New Coon Creek Girls from 1985-87 (Vicki Simmons, Pam Perry Combs, Wanda Barnett, and Pam Gadd) made the decision to reunite in order to fund speech therapy music camp for Simmons who underwent surgery for an aneurysm in 2008. As of 2014, Simmons has made an amazing recovery, and the band is still performing various reunion concerts. They are sponsored by Sassy Goat Milk Soap.


7. Lily Venson of lily & sapphire

Lily Pagratis Venson (October 24, 1924 June 27, 2011) is an American journalist and was a resident of Chicago, IL her entire life. She attended Wilbur Wright College and Columbia College Chicago.

She began writing for Lerner Newspapers at the Rogers Park office in 1962 and was an award-winning journalist and feature writer for the Lerner newspapers. She left the paper in 1973 to work as head of public relations for Cook County Hospitals. During her years at Lerner, she received numerous press awards including a nomination for the Pulitzer Prize by Columbia University and the City of New York, for a series of more than 100 articles she wrote on the crusade to preserve 100 acres of private golf land to create Lawrence C.

Warren State Park in West Rogers Park in Chicago. For her coverage of this landmark event she was awarded a plaque of recognition in 1972 by Gov. of Illinois Richard Ogilvie.

Among her other stories of note, she covered the immigration battle in Chicago of Walter Polovchak. She also covered in person the last march of Martin Luther King Jr. from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama on March 21, 1965.

She was a member of Illinois Women's Press Association. The majority of her journalism articles and photos which covered many historical events in Chicago are housed at the Newberry Library in Chicago for archival deposit.



Formation of lily & sapphire

In the early 1950s, Canada had several armies. In addition to the Permanent Force and the Canadian Militia, there was the Special Force who had specifically enlisted for the Korean War. In January 1951 another Canadian Army was created for service in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as the Permanent Force was earmarked for defence of North America.

Since Canada was the only member of NATO without conscription (except for Iceland), it was decided that the new force would be created by volunteers from the militia who would enlist for three years in their specific units. The brigade consisted of three infantry battalions called "PANDA battalions" (for Pacific and Atlantic). They were the 1st Canadian Infantry Battalion (formed in Valcartier, Quebec on 4 May 1951), the 1st Canadian Rifle Battalion and the 1st Canadian Highland Battalion.

Each battalion drew their personnel from five Canadian Militia infantry regiments of the same type (line infantry, rifle or highland). Each militia regiment formed a complete PANDA company within that battalion with the headquarters unit being a composite. A reorganisation of the Canadian Army in 1953 led to a force of 15 infantry battalions: three for Korea, three for Canada, three for Europe and six for rotation.

On 14 October 1953 the 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade was reactivated and replaced the 27th. In the same year its battalions were redesignated as the Canadian Guards, the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada and the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada.



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