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All the Names "Go D.J.

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" by Lil WayneDa Prescription "Is That the Way" by The MessageIn Love With You "I Cram to Understand U" by MC LyteNo Questions Asked "Survival of the Fittest" by Mobb DeepThe Medicine "Long Red" by Mountain "Come Closer" by Salma Agha "Keep It Thoro" by ProdigyThick Ropes "Space Guerilla" by Missus Beastly


2. Publications of jewelry box

Books Criminal law: general part . Barueri: Manole, 2003.

Constitution, criminalization and minimum criminal law . So Paulo: Journal of the Courts, 2003. Women and Criminal Law (organizer, together with Miguel Reale Jnior).

Rio de Janeiro: Forensics, 2007. Undue interference: commissive crimes by omission and control by punishment of not doing. Porto Alegre: Srgio Antonio Fabris, 2011.

Tribute to Miguel Reale Jnior (organizer, with Renato Melo Jorge Silveira). Rio de Janeiro: GZ, 2014.Articles"Internment as a last resort" - 17/07/2010 "Accept Battisti is not a legal choice" - 09/13/2010 "In defense of the Mayara student" - 11/12/10 "Reflection on the legalization of abortion" - 04/03/11 "There is no free public space in the world for consumption and sale of drugs" - 01/20/2012 "Cuba is a great Guantnamo" - 14/02/2012 "Is the Amnesty Law valid for crimes whose victims are still missing?

" - 03/24/2012 "Politically correct criminal law" - 06/10/2012 "Trends / Debates - The law, for friends and foes" - 10/08/2012 "Criminal Law Reform: who wins?" - 08/31/2012 "Trends / Debates: It can not be crime to save a life" - 12/12/2012 "The eternal illusion of control" - 06/02/2013 "There are 12 Brazilians kidnapped!" - 03/23/2013 "Political Surrealism" - 05/30/2013 "A fact: several looks" - 07/21/2013 "The STF was correct in determining the immediate arrest of the accused?

" - 11/16/2013 "First considerations on the latest version of the Draft Criminal Code, presented on 10/12/13" - 12/14/2013 "Corruption Kills!" - 12/26/2013 "The law that can increase corruption" - 04/02/2014 "Analysis: 'Brazil needs to stop hiding behind alleged absence of legislation'"- 02/13/2014 "Will it be a market reserve?" - 04/25/2014 "The impacts of anti-corruption law" - 06/01/2014 "The disease of this election" - 09/25/2014 "When the rule is not clear" - 02/28/2015 "Criminal Provisional Measure" - 08/26/2015 "Dark law is the worst of standards" - 09/21/2015 "We will not give up on Brazil" - 10/07/2015 "Republic schizophrenic?

" - 10/09/2015 "From addiction to virtue" - 10/13/2015 "The case law of the mensalo creates dangerous precedents in procedural security and the rights of the accused?" - 10/27/15 "We only want to rescue morality and legality in Brazil" - 11/15/2015 "Supreme Shield" - 12/23/2015 "The Supreme has decided that the Senate is sovereign" - 04/18/2016 "Our complaint can not be broken" - 04/23/2016 "Short Notes Concerning the Institute of Plea Bargaining in American Law" - 11/17/2016 "Drug and Crime: Some of the various interfaces" - 01/19/2017 "Impeachment was the beginning of the cleaning process necessary for Brazil" - 04/17/2017 "The meaning of absolution in the TSE" - 06/17/2017


3. Political career of jewelry box

After working on the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, reflecting on her future in politics and invitations from diverse parties, Paschoal joined the Liberal Social Party (PSL), the current party of Jair Bolsonaro.

"On the last day of the deadline, I joined the PSL party. Many people already linked to the acronym have recommended me, except for one point or another, the party's status confers on what I think. There are reports of corruption scandals involving the acronym, or its members, and I did not join in thinking about being a candidate for position A or B.

I joined in order to have the possibility, a possible candidacy would not be possible," she said. Initially, the leadership of the PSL in So Paulo invited her to join the governor's race for the party, but she rejected them. Other positions were also suggested to her, including the vice presidency, whose points were being clarified in talks with Bolsonaro.

However, on August 4, 2018, she gave up for family reasons, since the family could not accompany her to Brasilia. On August 14, 2018, she announced that she would be a candidate for a state deputy of So Paulo, having the electoral number 17317, with an education and public safety platform. She was elected with 2,060,786 votes, 9.

88% of the valid votes, being the state deputy with the most votes in the state of So Paulo and the most in Brazil. PositionsIn June 2016, Paschoal said that "politicians will think more before committing crimes", in reference to Operation Lava Jato, and the 10 Anti-Corruption Measures on the grounds that it will give the Public Prosecutor greater power over other institutions. She also criticized the abuse of authority bill, also being discussed in Congress.

In her words, the legislation was proposed with the aim of "embarrassing those who work in repression against corruption". The lawyer also opposed the bill restricting the Federal Supreme Court's (STF) judgments being broadcast live on TV Justice, stating that this is to silence them. In November 2016, she voiced her opposition to the amnesty to Box 2.

On November 24, 2016, she said that approving the amnesty is a breach of decorum. "The amnesty clause is an indication of what people have been looking for in the streets," Paschoal posted on Twitter. According to her, "to approve the amnesty is breach of propriety" of the parliamentarians and, even if the proposal were overturned by the STF in future, the deputies that benefited from the amnesty would not be punished.

"If the accused had their punishment extinguished on the basis of the amnesty, any subsequent decision of the STF would not be retroactive", she added. In May 2017, following the political upheaval surrounding JBS, she said that the audio of President Michel Temer had to be analyzed in conjunction with the purchase of dollars by JBS on the day before the scandal, which must also be investigated. Paschoal also said that Temer should resign.


4. Domovoy of jewelry box

Domovoy, also in English territories as The House Elf (Russian: ) is a 2019 Russian dark fantasy comedy film based on the Russian Domovoy, the film was written and directed by Yevgeny Bedarev and starring Dmitry Bedarev. The film is a real fairy tale, it's not just the fear of a poltergeists room, but behind the mysterious elf, and who's the boss house.

The film stars Sergey Chirkov, Yekaterina Guseva, Aleksandra Politik, Olga Ostroumova-Gutshmidt, and Pavel Derevyanko voiced the cat Kuzya. The film was theatrically released in Russia on April 11, 2019 by Karoprokat.



The impeachment of Dilma Rousseff of jewelry box

ProtocolOn September 1, 2015, Paschoal filed a petition with the lawyers Hlio Bicudo and Miguel Reale Jnior in the Chamber of Deputies that initiated the process of impeaching Dilma Rousseff. According to lawyers, Dilma committed crimes of responsibility under the Constitution and Fiscal Responsibility Law (LRF), including the following: Acts against probity in administration; Acts against the budget law; Acts against compliance with laws and judicial decisions; Crime against custody and legal employment of public money.AnswersOn March 30, 2016, in a statement to the special chamber committee analyzing the impeachment petition, Janaina Paschoal alleged that through BNDES the government sent money to countries such as Angola, Cuba, and others, which the bank contested in an official statement, saying it did not send funds abroad, nor did it carry out any confidential operations, countering the lawyer's charge that shipments would have been made in secrecy.


6. Janaina Paschoal of jewelry box

Janaina Conceio Paschoal (born June 25, 1974) is a Brazilian jurist and politician. She is a member of the Brazilian Social Liberal Party (PSL), having been elected state representative of the State of So Paulo in 2018.

She is also a lawyer and a law professor at the University of So Paulo. She obtained her doctorate in criminal law from the University of So Paulo in 2002, advised by Miguel Reale Jnior. Her thesis was entitled Constitution, Criminalization and Minimum Criminal Law.

Paschoal played a major role in the impeachment of then Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, alongside Miguel Reale Jnior, and Hlio Bicudo. She actively participated in the proceedings both in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. In the Brazilian general elections of 2018, Janaina Paschoal was elected state representative, receiving over 2 million votes, the most votes of any congressperson in the history of Brazil.


7. Reception of jewelry box

Critical responseThe film received positive ratings from film critics. Boris Grishin wrote: Before us is a good urban tale in which there is no real evil, so both young children and their grandmothers will watch the film with pleasure.

Marina Podkorytova: . Yevgeny Bedarev (ru) turned out a very good fantasy-style film shot by Russians and in Russian. It turned out that on the basis of folk tales and beliefs, without using foreign cliches and heroes, you can remove a good fairy tale.


8. Cast of jewelry box

Sergey Chirkov ru as domovoy, a home elf Yekaterina Guseva as Vika Aleksandra Politik as Alina Olga Ostroumova-Gutshmidt as witch Fima Pavel Derevyanko as cat (voice) Yulia Sules as Ella Arkadyevna, a realtor Tatyana Orlova as Raisa Ivanovna Sergey Rubeko as Valentin Petrovich Dmitry Bedarev as Stas, Fima's son Sergey Russkin as demonologist


9. The Medicine of jewelry box

The Medicine is an album by West Coast hip hop artist Planet Asia, released on October 3, 2006 through ABB Records.

The album is the third installment of Planet Asia's "Medicali series", following The Sickness and The Diagnosis. The Medicine is produced by Evidence of Dilated Peoples, and features guest appearances from Krondon, Phil Da Agony, Black Thought, Jonell, Prodigy, Defari and Evidence and Rakaa of Dilated Peoples. The album's lead single is "Thick Ropes" b/w "On Your Way 93706"



Albums of jewelry box

Studio albumsBoy Meets World (2009) The Ecology (2015)Collaborative albumsThe Antidote (with The Alchemist) (2009) This Generation (with Murs) (2012)EPsFASH-ionably Late (with The Alchemist) (2014) Manna (2017)MixtapesGrizzly City Vol. 1 (2006) The Phenom Vol. 1 (2007) Grizzly City Vol.

2 (2007) The Phenom Vol. 2 (2008) One Shot One Kill (presented by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban) (2008) Higher Learning Vol. 1 (2008) Ode To Illmatic (presented by DJ Green Lantern) (2010) Grizzly City Vol.

3 (presented by DJ Skee) (2010) Higher Learning Vol. 2 (2011) Champagne & Styrofoam Cups (2012)


11. Biography of jewelry box

Paschoal was born on June 25, 1974, in the Tatuap neighborhood of So Paulo, daughter of Ricardo Jos de Gusmo Paschoal and Regina Clia Carvalho Paschoal.

She has two younger sisters, Luana and Nohara, and a younger brother, Jorge, and has been married since the age of 26 to Larcio, an economist. Paschoal began to work at the age of 13, selling jewelry, and bread and honey prepared by her mother. She joined the Faculty of Law of the University of So Paulo in 1992, where she became director of the Academic Center XI de Agosto in Voice and Time management, graduating in 1996.

During graduation, she also taught English at Fisk. She was a trainee and, after graduation, a lawyer at the office of Ricardo Podval (who would, along with Jorge Paschoal, defend Jos Dirceu in Lava Jato), between 1995 and 2000, an adviser to the Secretariat of Public Security of the government Geraldo Alckmin in So Paulo from 2001 to 2002, the year in which she finished her doctorate and resigned to accompany its adviser, the then minister of justice Miguel Reale Jnior, like adviser. In 2003, Paschoal became a professor at the University of So Paulo, where she teaches criminal law.

In the same year, she and her sisters founded their own law firm, Paschoal Advogados, located in the region of Avenida Paulista and specializing in tax, financial and environmental law. In 2015, Paschoal co-authored the petition for impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, received the same year by Eduardo Cunha, and the following year, accepted by the Chamber of Deputies and judged by the Federal Senate, which forced the president out of office. In 2016,in a case which attracted press attention, Paschoal defended then-procurator of the republic Douglas Kirchner, in an administrative proceeding after he was accused of physical and psychological aggression against his wife, Tamires de Souza Alexander.

Paschoal claimed religious freedom for the aggressor, saying Kirchner had committed the acts under the influence of the pastor of the church to which he belonged, and was being tried for having believed. The National Council of the Public Prosecution, however, decided to fire the prosecutor.



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