Jewelry Stores with Sterling Silver Rings Between $10-$30?

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Jewelry Stores with Sterling Silver Rings Between $10-$30? 1

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Sterling silver rings?

I think the first thing you should do is try to get them back to their rightful owner.

If you turn them in to the local police, and they aren't claimed after some specified period, I believe they will be given to you. Then, and only then, will you be free to sell them, or whatever. Do what's right.

If you had lost them, wouldn't you want them back?


how much would a plain silver ring be? with engravement on it?

Below is a great site with different styles of sterling bands that can be engraved by the company for an extra charge. They engrave on the inside and outside of the ring and the price is reasonable. Penneys will also do that but on the outside only for $39.

Be sure you have the exact size of the ring you need because it would be very hard to impossible to resize a ring after lots of engraving. Good luck! : P


Which metal is better to choose for a class ring, 10K white gold or premium silver?

I'm afraid I'll have to agree with the above -- you aren't ever going to get your money back on a college ring and you shouldn't buy one if you are thinking you will sell. Seriously, buy what you can afford and will actually wear. I bought a 10K yellow college ring because I wanted the yellow "color.

" If you are going for the silver color, buy the silver ring.


Silver coated wedding ring wearing out (, is it fixable?

It means the ring is silver plated (as opposed to sterling silver) and you'll have to have it replated.

It can be done, but the cost will be much more than replacing the ring. Take it to a jeweler and ask. The only reason to do it would be for sentimental reasons, so you'll have to balance sentimental reasons with cost (the cost would almost certainly buy her a much nicer ring).


Is it possible to make a sterling silver and diamond ring smaller?

Any ring can be re sized as long as there's enough metal that the ring won't be warped or compromised. Different jewelers have different prices but it shouldn't be all that expensive but If you live around a jewelry district, it should be anywhere around $ 10.

00 to $ 20.00 to have it done. Check the internet for jewelers in your area they might have prices on there sites, but it should cost around $20.

00 to $60. 00.


When making sterling silver jump rings, should I use half-hard wire or dead soft?

As long as you're making small rings, it actually doesn't matter. If you're making large rings, half hard would probably be better. Alternatively, if you solder your rings shut, you don't have to worry about them popping open, and you can always hammer them a bit to work harden them.

Of course, if you bend the wire enough, that'll harden it, too (but be careful not to overdo it or your wire will break)


History of German East Africa silver coin ring?

Hi Jordi, i can only speak for the silver coin itself. The whole description should be "GUILELMUS II IMPERATOR" and its latin.

Im pretty sure the meaning is simply "Whilhelm II. Kaiser". And "DEUTSCH OSTAFRIKANISCHE GESELLSCHAFT" German East Africa was a german colony from 1885 untill 1919.

I have no clue who made a silver coin ring of it. Maybe just a random guy. I dont think it was made by prisoners during ww2.


What kind of ring turns a finger black?

Sterling silver have a bit of copper in it to make it stronger, so it will tarnish in greenish black while it is constantly moist from body fluid or sweat. For example, look at your sterling silver earrings.

There will be a dark tarnish band around where your ear holes come in contact with the stud. Silver and gold alone are too weak to be used as jewelry so they must be alloyed with nickel, copper, etc


what causes a silver ring to turn a finger red?

Allergic reaction may be the cause.

Although you wore it for years and it never dsid this, that is how an allergy comes on, overnight! I would recommend taking the ring off and allowing the redness to go away and then put the ring on a different finger to test if it causes the redness again. Consult your doctor if the rash does not clear up in a few days and also if it bothers you.

Good luck! :-)


Why did my sterlIng silver ring randomly become bent and disfigured?

The ultraviolet rays in the tanning booth have absolutely no affect on the silver.

However, silver is a very soft and malleable metal. That is why pure silver is not used in jewelry, but it is mixed into Sterling silver : 92.5% silver 7.

5% copper, to increase its strength. Still, sterling silver is not very hard, and can be bent and damaged. I imagine someone stepped on it or something and it got bent


for a new nose ring should i replace it with a silver one?

It doesn't neccesarily need to be all silver, just something that wont infect it while it heals. When i first got mine done, i went to a store called 3rd planet and got one of their nose rings,never been infected. just don't play with your piercing!

you're more likely to get an infection with silver in there and playing with it, then to have not completely silver and letting it be.


When i polish the silver ring on my ATH-M50s, i hear small crackels or pops, is it fake?

I'm not sure.

Hopefully somebody can help you with this. However, I can tell you buying any headphones or earbuds on eBay is EXTREMELY risky. There are TONS of fakes out there.

eBay prices don't even seem all that great to me and you can often buy from an authorized retailer for near the same price or even less. It's just not worth the risk. or having to worry about if your headphones are fake or not.


can i make a ring out of a silver half dollar?

1763F is the melting point of silver. Alloyed with copper is a little less.

Burning wood in a campfire I believe is about 1000F, not high enough. An acetylene torch would do the trick. But then you'd need some form of container to pour the molten silver into and form the ring out of.

My advice, if you are really bent on making a ring from a coin, is to pound it to shape. It's your move.




Easiest way to find out is dip it in Tarn-X then rinse it off; if it gleams- it's real, if it turns copper- it's fake.

If it is fake you have the right to your money back, under terms of false advertising. Once I had a real silver ring && it turned my finger green because it was dirty. So just clean it, before you jump to conclusions!


Silver ring and Hydrochloric acid!?

If you spilt the acid on it and it corroded the silver then obviousely, you can't bring that silver back, but you could try shining it or rinsing it to see whats underneath, or try taking it to a jeweler and telling them what happened, but a acids react pretty fast with metals so the silver is probably pretty gone on the parts it was spilt on


Will a true sterling silver ring turn your finger green?

it shouldnt do that if its sterling silver only cheep jewlery does that. unless it was cheap cause i have one thats sterling silver and it doesnt do that i wear it all the time but try getting clear nailpolish on it and let it dry then see if that helps alittle. When your finger turns green it can be bcause you are allergic to the metal being used, nickle silver, and so on Hope this helps


if my ring is real silver or not?

Use French's mustard. Place a small drop on the silver item and use a small amount of heat either sunlight or even a lighter, The silver sulfide will show as a black stain on the surface of the item, This won't determine if its solid silver, but will tell you if its silver, and use Archimedes' principle with weight along with the stain test. Don't worry the stain will wipe away with vinegar


question about a sterling silver ring?

sterling silver will definitely tarnish over time. a silver polishing cloth will easily rub the tarnish off, but if you work w/ water it will definitely tarnish faster. you could try looking for a sterling silver ring that is rodium plated to keep it shiny, or look for 14-18k white gold.

platinum would probably be your best bet as it is the strongest metal, but it is more expensive


Anyone here heard about the silver ring thing in?

Mim's answer is the one I'm thinking of. The case went to court in the U.

K I believe, and the court ruled that the ring (with a bible verse inscribed inside) was not an expression of faith, like wearing a veil for Moslems. I don't know why the school sees the ring as a problem. How can some one else tell you what is appropriate to your particular faith?


how to remove mineral buildup on a silver ring?

No, baking soda would not artwork for buying buildup out of hair. i attempted it as quickly as, and it left my hair with so plenty extra buildup quite of much less.

My hair had a extraordinary gummy texture for quite a few days after that. i want to advise basically using a clarifying shampoo; that's what I did, and it works plenty extra useful than baking soda


Turning a silver septum ring black?

Why don't you get a retainer for your piercing to wear when you are around your mom?

They're U shaped and will tuck back into your nose to hide the jewelry. You definitely do not want to color the jewelry or anything like that. Sharpies will rub off and you might be sensitive to it, especially since you'd be absorbing it through a mucus membrane.


does a metal detector detects pure silver and gold items such as rings?

There different types of metal detector in the market today. Is will depend on what kind of gold you are really looking.

I really don't know what type of metal detector you have now. Since you are into searching for gold, then let me show you a list of metal detector which are best for gold metal detecting. -Garrett AT Gold -Fisher Gold Bug -Minelab X-Terra 705 Gold Pack -Minelab Eureka -Fisher Gold Bug Pro -Garrett Infinium -Minelab GPX5000


Keep having dreams of a ring?

Hi Chloe: Silverprecious metal; could also be platinum; Left handcommitment hand; Ringcommitment Diamondmost precious gem and often the gem of the engagement ring. All of this leads up to an engagement ring, right? Well, it is "silver" which leads me to believe it is more of a promise ring.

Still, you get a commitment out of him, and that is the most important thing! Blessings!


How can I clean a sterling silver ring?

My mom recently told me that someone told her that you can get you pretty silver ring shining clean again by just grabbing a pencil eraser and just kinda scrub it around a little. It worked for me:) You can also put toothpaste on it and let it sit for like 30 minutes then just get a warm cloth and clean it. That works great too!

Hope it helps:)


Why does tarnish disappear from a sterling silver ring when you wear it?

It just gets worn off, by being in contact with your skin, and the other things in your hand. The discoloration you see is only on the surface of the metal.

You can make it go away more quickly by rubbing it with toothpaste (not the gel kind). The superfine particles that help scrub your teeth will also gently scrub the surface of the silver, and have it shiny again in mere seconds.


Is it true that some silver rings can be as cheap as US $6?

The currency of Hong Kong and the US is way different. like did you know that 1 dollar here is approx 8 dollars there? They sell things cheaper there, but if you are buying it online then i wouldnt trust it.

You can always send an email asking for more description of the product. Usually sterling silver plated product can be found for a cheap price. In my opinion it is most likely silver plated



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