How Much Does a Silver Amethyst Ring Cost?

How Much Does a Silver Amethyst Ring Cost? 1







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Can 2 solid sterling silver rings be soldered together? If yes, then should I have it done professionally?

Yes, two sterling silver rings should be able to be soldered together.

They would need to fit tightly so there would be a good surface touching. You would probably be better off to have a jeweler to do it for you. Silver has a higher melt temperature than a soldering iron can do, it requires a torch.

If the rings have stones in them, the stones would have to be removed or carefully shielded. After cleaning thoroughly, you would need to use flux, hard silver solder (75% silver), soak in pickle (acid to remove soldering oxides and excess flux), then re-polish. Probably more tools/suplies than you want to buy and more process than you want to learn to do one solder joint.

If you did want to learn to solder and make jewelry, find a local community college/bead shop/lapidary club that has a silversmithing class to sign up for


silver rings !?

Your fingers go green if your skin has a slightly high acidity (that's not a bad thing; everyone's skin pH is slightly different).

Sterling silver contains a small amount of copper, so bringing the ring in contact with your skin speeds up the oxidization of the copper, leaving a greenish stain (think of it as a similar process to rust forming). Yes, you can try coating a very thin layer of clear nail varnish. You might even be able to try a thick coat of Vaseline or petroleum jelly.

I wouldn't paint with the clear varnish every day, as it's not so good to have your skin covered all the time, but once in a while would be fine. The other side effect of this is that your skin will probably make silver jewelry tarnish faster. They can be restored, but it can be annoying.

If you love jewelry and don't mind spending a bit more, look for jewelers that carry fine silver. Fine silver is pure, so it doesn't contain that little bit of copper. It's softer than regular silver so not many jewelers offer it, but you won't get the green tint from your rings.


Wedding rings? I love Gold & silver, what to do?

Our answer to that was to design our own.

I wear a gold wedding band, and then two narrow is platinum & the other is gold. (Gold, platinum, gold.

) The bands are VERY plain no stones; I don't care for them & the wedding band is a bit wider. There is personal symbolism involved, also. I just love these, and can wear other jewelry without clashing; in fact, I usually wear Indian silver on my left arm & it looks fine.

The point is to figure out what you want, & then commission a jeweler to make them for you. Pricey, perhaps; but these are to last a lifetime and it's crummy to have to put up with wedding jewelry that you don't like. I know, because I compromised the first time around; my intended INSISTED that I have a diamond, which I didn't want.

I won't -- and didn't -- make THAT mistake again. Best wishes


Do you know of Ulloa's Ring and its connection to silver?

I may give the wrong answer but don't know how many others will.

That is the least of my concerns. I do think it has something to do with the "Americas." I expect come tomorrow there will be a new sunrise and then I'll connect with you again.

Additional detail: The site below gives a nice panoramic view from Whiteface Mtn. of Ulloa's Ring, also known as "Spectre of the Brocken." I can only see a connection with silver in that the "halo" appears silvery.

The spectacle was named the specter of the Brocken after the peak in the Harz Mountains of Germany, where it was often seen. Additional detail: The rings or halos are named after Antonio de Ulloa, an 18th century Spanish general, explorer, author, astronomer, scientist, colonial administrator and the first Spanish governor of Louisiana. He and another were the first to discover the element platinum and he managed quicksilver mines in Peru.

Is this the first wrong answer? So far I think you have two wrong answers, but you'll be sure to let us know.


silver ring turned brownish yellow?

If it was warm and humid while the ring was in your backpack, in Delhi, the silver could have tarnished that quickly. But I disagree that could become shiny again if you wear it. The tarnish has to be polished off.

Here is something I shared with somebody who had a similar problem earlier - Gently wash and dry your silver immediately after use. Use a non-lemon-scented phosphate-free detergent and, to avoid water spots, towel-dry using a soft cotton dish towel or a very soft cloth. Silver that is used frequently and washed in this manner will require infrequent tarnish removal.

A little liquid detergent, mixed with vinegar; or a liquid, non-abrasive (no beads or grains), unscented, aloe-free hand sanitizer, may remove the tarnish. Use a large cotton ball and rotate it regularly to expose unused surfaces, as elements in the tarnish itself can be very abrasive; then dry the piece with a non-abrasive cloth or cotton dish towel. http://www. ---- Silver easily scratches, so it is important to use a non-abrasive cloth, such as those tiny squares that come with eyeglasses, or anything very soft.

Keep your silver jewelry in a cloth-lined box or a in a velvet pouch, when it is not in use. Store in a cool, dry place because moisture and warmth make it tarnish. Hope this helps!


Why does tarnish disappear from a sterling silver ring when you wear it?

now not attempting to be rude yet having it stamped ".925" does not propose that it relatively is the only certainly sterling silver.

Having it stamped .925 skill it fairly is it Italian Sterling Silver this is created from ninety 2. 5% Silver (subsequently the identity .

925) and something is created from an alloy, usually Copper. optimal will use a White Copper in recent situations. I make rings, and that i do now not stamp mine .

925 because of actuality mine is created from ALL Silver. the only one I certainly have considered furnish a respected answer is queennerd79. he's sweet.

optimal situations it won't turn your finger green, yet each so often there will be a reaction which will furnish that green tinge to the floor and cleansing it with a fabrics or silver cleansing answer will help. now not putting forward that your merchandise grew to become or grew to become now not certainly silver. i'm relatively putting forward that the suggestions given indexed ideal indexed under are not to any extent further maximum suitable


Why does my ex wear a simple silver band on her ring finger?

Some women get rings to wear to symbolize their intent to wait for marriage before having sex. Perhaps she's taken such a vow to herself and gotten one of those rings; they are similar to wedding rings and are very simple. If it's just a band then it's not an engagement ring (unless her fianc is really jealous); an engagement ring will usually have a stone of some kind, clearly visible.

Or she could be just wearing it to throw off a guy who likes her that she's not into. Women do that sometimes; I've done it before myself. Maybe she's hiding the mark that YOUR ring left on her finger; those marks take years to go away.

Maybe she's wearing it to keep ALL potential suitors off her back until she feels ready to date. If there were another guy in her life then the kid probably would have babbled about him by now. But if you think there's someone you could always just ask her.

Just bring it up in a non-threatening way, even over a text: "I noticed you wearing what looked like a wedding ring. Does our daughter have a stepfather that I need to know about, or a future one?"


What is the mass of a gold and silver ring if the density is.

in chemistry?

finding on the chemical makeup of your pores and skin and whether or no longer you have hypersensitive reactions to the steel that the two the gold or silver is blended with. the two metals may well be worn each and all the time.

% the steel that looks suited with your pores and skin tone. If Silver looks suited with your pores and skin tone, yet you may no longer positioned on it, % white gold. Edited to function that the silver won't turn black in case you place on it each and all the time.

it is going to turn black in case you do no longer positioned on it. My wedding ceremony band is silver as are each and all the rings that I positioned on, which count quantity 7. And none of them are black.

i will observe that considered one of them turns my finger black while the acidity in my physique is off, yet it is as a results of the fact there is copper interior the hoop


Sterling Silver Ring be shiny again?

You can probably brighten it substantially with plain old silver polish, although that won't make the patina of scratches normal with jewelry worn on the hands disappear. Sterling (and most silver plate) will get very shiny again with silver polish, and all but the deepest gouges will not be especially noticeable when it's gleaming.

I scratched a large, relatively flat surface of a silver ring. The jeweler I took it to for a buffing convinced me to leave it alone. "It looks bad to you, now, but when you've got five scratches and a scrape or two on this part, it's going to have some character and will look better than straight out of the box.

Signs of wear show you love it. I'd rather see one of my rings a little worse for the wear, you know? The only repairs I recommend are bad clasps and damage to stone settings.




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