FHI Brands Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Hair Styling Iron

Specification With Performance:This type of ceramic tourmaline flat iron has performance that is of top notch. If you are looking into this product, its specifications with performance are listed below such as it contains 100% ceramic that is infused with tourmaline that assist to glide through you hair in a smooth manner. Its adjustable temperature accounts for a wide range of 140450 degrees that hence allows it to be used for different hair types including coarse and thick hair.

FHI Brands Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Hair Styling Iron 1

Frizz, a problem that is displayed by many brands of tourmaline hair straighteners is not a problem with this brand of tourmaline ceramic flat iron as it contains negative irons that prevents its occurrence. The negative ions also assist in maintaining the natural moisture content of your hair hence giving a shiny touch to it leaving your friends gleaming of envy.To add those curls that you desire so much , the tourmaline ceramic flat iron contains beveled end that assist you to create good curls and waves that would suit your overall look.

Further, the tourmaline hair straightener comes equipped with an extra-long swivel cord that gives you enough room to freely navigate through your hair unlike others that have shorter cords. This tourmaline best hair straightener also takes care of your hair by preventing any hair damage that may result when using this product due to a pre-installed infrared technology that takes care of that particular problem. The ceramic plates are also designed to evenly distribute heat throughout the plates and also contain a feature of high speed heat recovery that enables the ceramic tourmaline flat iron to heat up quickly during use.

This saves up times especially when you are a frequent traveler.User Friendly experience:Many users worldwide have shown much love towards this product and are also happy about its performance. Users will testify to you of its pre-installed temperature regulator that not only improves their hair but can manually set the temperature to the specifications that they require.

This, as they say, gives them much control especially during styling if their hair. It has also been said to be gentle even on black hair unlike other tourmaline ceramic flat irons that tend to fade black hair. Its extra-long swivel cord has been accommodating to users who now claim to feel more freedom to navigate during both straightening and curling of their hair.

Finally, users have shown great appreciation for this type of tourmaline hair straightener as their hair does not fizzle, which was a problem they encountered when they used other types of ceramic tourmaline flat irons.FHI Brands Platform Flat Iron Features and accessories: Suitable for use by all hair types as it accommodate temperatures with a range of 140 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Its extra-long swivel cord gives freedom during use of the tourmaline ceramic flat iron.

They come equipped with moisture-locking negative ions that assist in reducing frizz and maintaining the hairs natural moisture. Its infrared technology helps to prevent hair damage during use due to the gentle heat it produces. The nano-Fuzeion technology and low EMF also helps to produce a good shine to the hair and also assist to prevent hair damage.

The ceramic tourmaline flat iron contains beveled ends that assist in creation of curls and waves to your hair. Its auto shut-off feature is useful especially when you forgot to switch off the tourmaline hair straightener. It contains a dual voltage feature.

It comes with a free carry case that is very useful to those who love travelling. There are various tourmaline flat iron reviews that have been made concerning this product. The pros of this product include that it has the widest range of temperatures among all other tourmaline hair straighteners that make it one of the best tourmaline flat irons available in the market.

Its anti-frizz feature is also a plus to the product hence the one of the reasons that it is mostly used by celebrities. Its exotic appearance is also appealing to the majority of customers. All this reasons are why the product has been able to rate this product with a four-star rating and above.

However, even though this product has been termed as the best ceramic flat iron in the market, its major con is that it has a high pricing that most consumers dont agree with. Many customers claim that its features are not worth the price that is attached to it hence the product has acquire a number of three and below star ratings in its scores. However, some tourmaline flat iron reviews have claimed that in order to get the best quality, you have to be willing to dig deep inside your pocket.

Final Verdict:With the above reviews concerning the product, the general summery would be as follows for the ceramic tourmaline flat iron; the temperature regulator makes it suitable for most hair types. Prevents hair damage due to its low EMF, auto shut-down feature and infrared technology. No frizzing effect as it has negative ions that prevent it.

It has a high pricing but it is concluded to be worth every penny to the customer. It is undoubtedly a good tourmaline hair straightener RELATED QUESTION Why should I use ceramic knives? A ceramic knife is incredibly hard which means it can be made extremely sharp and it's very resistant to dulling due to its hardness.

It's harder than the steel used in knives. This is why the unglazed ring on the bottom of a coffee mug can be used to sharpen a steel knife in a pinch (or hotel suite where it seems that all knives have been made dull by some universal international hotel cabal). However the problem with ceramic blades is that hardness is not the only trait one needs in a knife.

Just as a coffee mug can chip or shatter, so too can the ceramic knife. I think a ceramic kitchen knife is cool and interesting and if you can buy one, and already have steel knives, you might as well, just don't pry the tab on a soup can up using it. Think of it as a piece of glass (in the sunlight you actually can see through them--the white ones are translucent) and act accordingly.

No twisting, prying, and careful processing meat. A steel knife is less hard and thus less sharp and will dull faster, but a steel knife won't chip as easily. Bend, pry, go crazy with steel just be ready to sharpen it when needed and steel it on a regular basis.

And that's the other issue with a ceramic knife. It's so hard that you probably won't be able to sharpen it in a meaningful way. That ceramic is harder than your normal sharpening stones.

Just remember, you're essentially using a sharp piece of glass so use it carefully. If you can only afford one knife, buy steel. If you can afford two inexpensive knives, use the money to buy one, more expensive steel knife.

But after you've got a collection and you are experienced cooking with them, go get that ceramic knife too. Now if you're considering a ceramic pocket knife, buy like, twenty steel pocket knives first. You don't need to have that ceramic blade snap in half just when you really need to do something incredibly important, like cutting a zip tie on a toy package for your son.

Oh, and ceramic won't rust. But steel won't either if you take care of it, sooooo. the only real benefit of a ceramic knife is that's a really cool to cook with a sharp piece of glass, and I guess if you're doing a lot of cooking next to an MRI then ceramic is the way to go (just make sure there's no steel in the handle as a fastener).

Note the chips on my ceramic knife (and that you can see through the translucency). It's over a decade old and I cook a lot, but I mostly use steel.

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