Citrine Stone An Exploration on the Meanings of this Gemstone!

The Citrine gemstone is an incredible looking gem: with its transparent pale yellow or light brown color, its no wonder that some people refer to it as the Light Maker. Of course, admiration of its beauty is only a small part of what this stone can offer. In this article, we will be exploring the importance of the Citrine gem.

Citrine Stone  An Exploration on the Meanings of this Gemstone! 1

Well explore some of the meanings behind this stone as well as some of its physical properties. Well also look at the metaphysical properties and the relationship the stones energy has to your Chakras. So lets take a look at some of the more basic elements first.

Citrine The gem itself is composed of silicon dioxide. Similar to many other gems, it started off as a lump of hardened rock rising from the mantle of the Earths core. From there it makes its journey up to the Earths crust.

The gem itself is relatively rare. For example, there is an abundance of amethyst gems in comparison to this one. Some people choose to forge these stones by heating an amethyst until it turns the same yellow/brown color of the Citrine gem.

Citrine Crystal MeaningInterestingly, despite being born in the furnaces of Mother Earth, this gem is a child of the sun. Its natural ability to absorb and retain the suns energy has led to many calling it the Light Maker. The gem releases the suns energy either towards an individual or into an environment.

Its interesting to note that in the 1600s Scottish men would wear kilt pins containing this very gem. Perhaps it was due to the lack of natural sunlight that the country receives, who knows. The gem can be found in civilizations dating back as far as 300BC.

There are some odd details to pay attention to though. While the sun provides the energy to this gem, too much can be detrimental to the gem itself. Think of it like putting a full bottle of water into the freezer.

Naturally, the water begins to expand and this isnt a problemuntil it expands too far and causes the plastic to break. Your gem wont have quite as dramatic a reaction but it can change color and lose some of its ability to retain the suns energy. The Citrine meaning reflects its ability for sparking imagination and creativity while also improving willpower and natural energy levels.

Citrine Metaphysical PropertiesBeyond the basic meanings of the gem, it carries a number of unique metaphysical properties. For starters, there exists a Citrine Chakra connection which we will explore first. Well also take at whether there is a Citrine ring meaning or Citrine bracelet meaning.

Chakra ConnectionOne of the unique Citrine healing properties is that it has a connection to three different Chakras. With most gems, youll find that they either focus on one Chakra or offer an overall healing ability. The Citrine gemstone has a unique connection to your Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Root Chakra.

It makes sense that a gem born in the Earth and powered so ferociously by the sun would connect to our Root Chakra. Through the Root Chakra, this gem boosts our ability to feel grounded and centered. Through the Sacral Chakra the gem improves our ability to feel a range of different emotions and as we mentioned earlier: gives us a creativity boost.

Finally, through the Solar Plexus Chakra, the gem allows us to have better clarity when making decisions, feel a stronger level of self-discipline and improves our own will power. You can either use this gem in a passive manner by taking it with you wherever you go or you can actively make use of its properties. For example, if you needed to cleanse your Chakras (particularly the three we just looked at) you may choose to use visualization.

You would do this by simply holding the gem in your hand, wearing it or placing it in front of you. Close your eyes and picture the gems power seeping out of the stone and into your Charka energy flow.Citrine Jewelry MeaningOf course, you may be wondering about the jewelry that contains one of these gems.

Perhaps youre wondering to yourself whether there is a Citrine necklace meaning or a Citrine pendant meaning. In reality, the sort of jewelry doesnt play a role in effecting the properties of this particular gem. Simply by having it with you, the natural solar energy can drift from the gem to you.

Wearing this gem in the sun will allow it to recharge naturally. With other gems, you can leave them in the sun to charge but due to the fragile nature of this stone, it is best not to leave it in the sun. Just in case you forget about it.

Originally published at on June 14, 2018



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