Best Jhoomar Shop in Bhopal

Bhopal, A city of Lakes and City with Nawaab Palaces. Jhoomar being the most luxurious element in a living room. Jhoomar gives a royal as well as luxury look to your place.

Best Jhoomar Shop in Bhopal 1

In Bhopal, Vantra Lighting have wide collection of Jhoomar being modern, luxury or contemporary. Vantra Lighting focus on attractive and affordable range of Jhoomar and Chandeliers.Vantra Lighting have best collection of Chandeliers, Pendant Lights, Hanging Light, Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Ceiling Mount, Outdoor Wall Lamps, Indoor Wall Lamps and Much more decorative collection.

Vantra Lighting been the best showroom for decorative lights in Madhya Pradesh. With collection of over 350 Product Design with work on One Mantra Vantra.Vantra Lighting always believe to have best product for your Home Decor in Bhopal.

Some of the best Jhoomars in Bhopal-# Andorra Jhoomar For Living RoomArched in a spherical drum-shaped look, Andorra stands bold and grand. Oval white crystals are strung together in a circle, luminescent and replete with incandescent light.# Athens Royal Jhoomar for BhopalAthen is a waterfall in the air.

The two layers descend with a riveting charm and span across the length and breadth with exquisite grace. The splendor of this colossal chandelier is hard to miss with its stately gold and black shade, dazzling crystals and whistling beads.# Bentley Best Jhoomar in Attractive PriceBentley is an octopus with its sleek, tubular arms cupped upwards into an enchanting symmetry.

Tiny filament bulbs sit on the tips of protruding arms and reclaim the word elegance for themselves. Inspired by mid-century architecture, it is an incarnation of grace itself.# Cambridge- Jhoomar Store in BhopalThe Cambridge brings the traditional, satin shades around the skeleton of black rods.

It is a vintage design that mixes with any space easily.# Line Wave Modern Jhoomar in BhopalA gorgeous design with brass arms arranged in a stunning asymmetrical form. The candelabra-based lamps appear at the tip of each arm and the whole structure gives a rather dramatic look.

# Next-6 Best Affordable Jhoomar in BhopalA mix of industrial designs and art, NEXT-6 is a classy lamp with sleek black arms curved and arched gracefully. There are 6 bulbs encased in rings mad of thin metal that sit together in a large circle.# Oslo Contemporary Jhoomar in BhopalThis minimalist piece has very sleek arms that curve as streams of water in the mouth of air.

Simple, clean lines bring utmost grace to any wall and ceiling. It is an array of nine-light and three-light chandeliers



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