5 Gorgeous Pink Gemstones That Gain in Popularity

Pink gemstones were popular in the past but for the past two decades, they gain more and more popularity for their beauty and soft color. Those pink stones are symbols for gentle, female energy representing inner peace, soft passion, and love. Their softness mesmerizes women that love wearing those pink gems.

5 Gorgeous Pink Gemstones That Gain in Popularity 1

Considering their sheer number in nature it would be difficult to go through all of them so we will stick with most popular stones that are often picks in jewelry stores. Considering the rise in their popularity, you will find many pink gemstone sources describing the physical properties of those stones. We will focus our attention on their looks here.

Pink AgateThis is a very vibrant gemstone that comes in mesmerizing pink color. Pink agate is often associated with feelings that open the heart allowing love to flow in. This crystal is formed in groundwater where this semi-precious stone meets silica.

They bond together forming most beautiful layers. Since ancient times of Babilon and Egypt, pink agate is associated with protection from natural disasters, evil energy, soothing pain and helping with the healing of the old love wounds filling wearers heart with love and happiness.Pink AmethystPink amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones that is often purchased in jewelry stores all over the world.

Main reasons for the rising popularity of this pink stone are its abundance in nature, great price and mesmerizing beauty. This is a transparent gemstone that comes in beautiful pink color with occasional hints of light purple. It was used since ancient times for creating beautiful pieces of jewelry.

It is pretty hard and durable stone. Pink MorganiteMorganite is a very interesting gemstone that gains in popularity in the past few years. The soft pink color of this gemstone is described as a representation of the flames of the heart that are frozen inside the gem.

It is a pretty hard and durable gemstone that is suitable for making all types of jewelry. For its mesmerizing beauty, this gemstone got the name Pink Emerald. If you are looking for an interesting pink stone, then morganite can be a solution for you.

Pink GarnetIn nature, ping garnet is not that common so it is pretty rare in jewelry stores. Even though it is not often found, this stone has one of the most beautiful shades of pink color and comes with almost no impurities inside the gem. It is a highly brilliant stone that is durable and very hard.

Having great properties, it is suitable for making all types of jewelry and without any special maintenance, it will last you a long time. Pink TopazThis is not that common gemstone but for its beauty, it is for sure sought after. People were so much interested in pink topaz that due to lack of mines decided to find a way to create it.

By using a thin film deposition technique, scientist created a method for making this beautiful pink gemstone. By doing this, they created very durable gemstone that is great for everyday wearing known for its beauty and luster.There are many interesting pink gemstones that could be on this list but I choose to pick ones that I love for their luster and beauty.

Even though they are not on this short list, I need to mention pearls, opal, rose quartz, and sapphire as mesmerizing representatives of this soft and soothing color. Let me know what are your favorites in the comments below

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Citrine Stone  An Exploration on the Meanings of this Gemstone!
Citrine Stone An Exploration on the Meanings of this Gemstone!
The Citrine gemstone is an incredible looking gem: with its transparent pale yellow or light brown color, its no wonder that some people refer to it as the Light Maker. Of course, admiration of its beauty is only a small part of what this stone can offer. In this article, we will be exploring the importance of the Citrine gem. Well explore some of the meanings behind this stone as well as some of its physical properties. Well also look at the metaphysical properties and the relationship the stones energy has to your Chakras. So lets take a look at some of the more basic elements first. Citrine The gem itself is composed of silicon dioxide. Similar to many other gems, it started off as a lump of hardened rock rising from the mantle of the Earths core. From there it makes its journey up to the Earths crust. The gem itself is relatively rare. For example, there is an abundance of amethyst gems in comparison to this one. Some people choose to forge these stones by heating an amethyst until it turns the same yellow/brown color of the Citrine gem.Citrine Crystal MeaningInterestingly, despite being born in the furnaces of Mother Earth, this gem is a child of the sun. Its natural ability to absorb and retain the suns energy has led to many calling it the Light Maker. The gem releases the suns energy either towards an individual or into an environment. Its interesting to note that in the 1600s Scottish men would wear kilt pins containing this very gem. Perhaps it was due to the lack of natural sunlight that the country receives, who knows. The gem can be found in civilizations dating back as far as 300BC.There are some odd details to pay attention to though. While the sun provides the energy to this gem, too much can be detrimental to the gem itself. Think of it like putting a full bottle of water into the freezer. Naturally, the water begins to expand and this isnt a problemuntil it expands too far and causes the plastic to break. Your gem wont have quite as dramatic a reaction but it can change color and lose some of its ability to retain the suns energy. The Citrine meaning reflects its ability for sparking imagination and creativity while also improving willpower and natural energy levels.Citrine Metaphysical PropertiesBeyond the basic meanings of the gem, it carries a number of unique metaphysical properties. For starters, there exists a Citrine Chakra connection which we will explore first. Well also take at whether there is a Citrine ring meaning or Citrine bracelet meaning.Chakra ConnectionOne of the unique Citrine healing properties is that it has a connection to three different Chakras. With most gems, youll find that they either focus on one Chakra or offer an overall healing ability. The Citrine gemstone has a unique connection to your Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Root Chakra. It makes sense that a gem born in the Earth and powered so ferociously by the sun would connect to our Root Chakra. Through the Root Chakra, this gem boosts our ability to feel grounded and centered. Through the Sacral Chakra the gem improves our ability to feel a range of different emotions and as we mentioned earlier: gives us a creativity boost.Finally, through the Solar Plexus Chakra, the gem allows us to have better clarity when making decisions, feel a stronger level of self-discipline and improves our own will power. You can either use this gem in a passive manner by taking it with you wherever you go or you can actively make use of its properties. For example, if you needed to cleanse your Chakras (particularly the three we just looked at) you may choose to use visualization. You would do this by simply holding the gem in your hand, wearing it or placing it in front of you. Close your eyes and picture the gems power seeping out of the stone and into your Charka energy flow.Citrine Jewelry MeaningOf course, you may be wondering about the jewelry that contains one of these gems. Perhaps youre wondering to yourself whether there is a Citrine necklace meaning or a Citrine pendant meaning. In reality, the sort of jewelry doesnt play a role in effecting the properties of this particular gem. Simply by having it with you, the natural solar energy can drift from the gem to you. Wearing this gem in the sun will allow it to recharge naturally. With other gems, you can leave them in the sun to charge but due to the fragile nature of this stone, it is best not to leave it in the sun. Just in case you forget about it.Originally published at on June 14, 2018
The key precious gemstones, their symbolic meaning and healing powers
The key precious gemstones, their symbolic meaning and healing powers
Never have been healing crystals and gemstones so popular than these years. These magical creations of our world hide lots of healing power on their own right and therefore, they wont only please you with their beauty but can also help you feel better and healthier in many ways. Gemstones can be especially effective if you fit them to your month of birth. Lets see some of the most valuable genuine gemstones called the big four by the world of gemologists and jewellers.The big four of the jewelry world:Diamond: the hardest and purest crystals of all time, its no wonder that diamond is the most expensive gemstone in the world, with its fame remaining untouched over the centuries. The value of a diamond is measured according to the so-called 4 Cs as the key attributes to its qualities: Colour, Carat, Cut, and Clarity. Diamond is the symbol of everlasting love, thats why its the most popular gemstone used in both engagement and wedding rings.As for its healing powers diamond is said to have great powers when it comes to uniting the mind and the body, its the symbol of power, truth and also perfection. The wearing of the gemstone is also known to help in purifying ones life, will, intentions and helps in resolving problems too. Substitutes:cubic zirconium and white topaz.Ruby: the ruby gemstone is cherished for its deep burgundy red color ruby is a rare and expensive gemstone. Its in fact so expensive that it comes right after diamond in terms of value. The gemstone is often the symbol of deep passion and love. Ruby is ranked according to its exact shade, with the darker red being the most valuable. Its also one gemstone widely worn by emperors all over the world. As for its healing powers: ruby is associated with the sun and its said to have great healing and preserving energies the same way as rich red wine: being good for the blood, heart and the brain. Its also thought to help to boost energy levels and bring luck.Substitutes: Red garnet and the deep-pink TourmalineEmerald: The classic, beautiful green shade of the emerald is world famous and its totally unique which makes this gemstone one of the highest in value. According to the legends the Holy Grail was made out of emerald. As for its healing energies, its known to protect one from being unfaithful. Emerald is so rare and precious that its price can be higher than that of the diamond. Colombian emeralds are the current best affordable quality stones. In addition, emerald loose stones are also affordable online, if you are looking to buy gemstones as an investment.Substitutes: Tsavorite and peridotSapphire: known for its extreme price, rarity and the beauty of its color this is a unique gemstone, often associated with the planet Saturn. The gemstone has a specially long history of over 2000 years and its considered a holy stone by the Catholic Church. Its said to defend from harm, protection and it was known to protect against magic and witchcraft too. It also helps purify thoughts and bring hope and positivity.
Most Powerful Gemstones and Crystals for Scorpios
Most Powerful Gemstones and Crystals for Scorpios
Those born between October 23rd and November 21st are Scorpios. The Scorpio element is water and theyre ruled by Pluto.The Scorpio sign earned its name from the Scorpio constellation shape, which looks like the outline of a scorpion. In terms of personality, Scorpios tend to be creative and independent. However, Scorpios are complicated. They tend to hold grudges because of their sensitive, yet jealous, nature. Its rare to meet a Scorpio with a forgive and forget attitude. On the bright side, Scorpios are humorous leaders with a competitive edge. If a Scorpio has a goal, it will be accomplished.Gemstones and CrystalsAs with all signs, there are certain gemstones and crystals that help bring out the best in Scorpios. Aquamarine is a calming stone that can enhance communication skills and peaceful breathing because it is helpful for the Throat Chakra. It can also bring emotions to the surface.The reason Scorpios hold grudges is that they take everything to heart. Malachite can release toxins from the body, including the negative energy in the heart. This promotes both physical and emotional healing.Scorpios are very internally focused, which can hinder knowledge. By utilizing Golden Yellow Topaz, Scorpios can enhance external awareness and be more in touch with the world around them.Because Scorpios sometimes need assistance in looking on the bright side, Rose Quartz is a useful stone. Known as a love stone, Rose Quartz will open the heart to accept love while enhancing self-confidence. Peridot would be great for a Scorpio who has just resolved a problem or began a new journey. It can provide comfort and emotional balance.For Scorpios who wish to harness more compassionate energy, Rhodochrosite is a great choice. This stone soothes the heart and enhances openness.Although Scorpios can accomplish anything they put their minds to, Citrine is a stone that can further enhance this by providing clarity and motivation.For the ultimate aura cleansing, try Amethyst, which can provide peace of mind by opening the Crown Chakra. To choose the best stones for you, its best to test them out. Each person reacts differently to the stones and their energy.For example, Obsidian is a grounding stone that can be useful for any sign, but many Scorpios find it too harsh for them. To all the Scorpios out there: I hope you find the tools that work best for you, leading to a balanced life of happiness, love and success.Originally published at
Amethyst  The Beauty and Origin of Februarys Birthstone
Amethyst The Beauty and Origin of Februarys Birthstone
Discover the meaning and beauty of Mystical Amethyst, the birthstone for FebruaryPhoto by fotografierende on UnsplashThe history and origin of the February birthstone Amethyst.Amethyst stands as the official birthstone for February. Prized for its deep purple colour, Amethyst makes a popular choice for jewellery. Anyone with a February birthday benefits from an incredible and affordable gemstone associated with incredible meaning.While Amethysts remain hugely popular for womens fashion, few realise the importance of this beautiful gemstone.What is Amethyst?Amethyst originates from the mineral Quartz. Most people associate Quartz with a white, or clear colouration. But Amethyst is famed for its exquisite purple colour.Amethyst represents most valuable form of Quartz. Affordable Amethyst makes it a popular choice for a wide range of jewellery.Amethyst features a primary hue varying from a light pinkish violet to deep purple. In addition, Secondary hues include red or blue. Amethyst and Sapphire heart shapes from one of our bespoke ring designs.The Origins of AmethystAmethyst comes from many different countries. For example, Zambia, produces around 1000 metric tonnes of Amethyst per year. In addition, Brazil and Uruguay produce large quantities. Russia produces some of the finest Amethyst, coming from the Ekaterinburg region of near Mursinka.Both Canada and USA mine Amethyst. To the East, Siberia produces some of the finest Amethyst. We refer to some of the most prized gemstones as Deep Siberian for this reason.Magical properties of the February Birthstone Amethyst myths and mysteryAmethystos or Amethustos means not intoxicated in Ancient Greek. A belief existed that you could drink throughout the night. In fact, you could remain sober provided you carried an amethyst within your mouth or upon your person.Plato lunior made reference to an Amethyst inscribed with an image of Dionysus. A connection to its sobering properties in connection with drinking. The French poet Remy Belleau created a story in 1576 in a collection of poems relating to gemstone properties.The tale recounts the actions of the Greek God Bacchus. The maiden Amethyst was turned into a clear stone through the protection of the goddess Diana. The god of wine Bacchus poured wine over Amethyst, staining her a deep shaped of violet.In early Christianity, the purple colour led to associations with Christ. Both healing powers and calming properties became connected to Amethyst. In addition, Tibetans connect Amethyst to Buddha as a sacred stone. As a result, prayer beads made of Amethyst lend themselves to both prayer and meditation for Buddhists.Amethyst for love and Valentines Day?We relate Amethyst to Valentines Day. Owing to the February connection, Amethyst make the perfect fit for Valentines Day jewellery.Gemstones with pink, purple and red stand out for Valentines Day proposals.Amethyst, features on the hand of St. Valentine in the likeness of Cupid. We connect Amethyst to the virtues of calmness in the face of passion -a virtue during Medieval times. While Amethyst signified true love, it offered protection to warriors in battle.Amethyst blends beautifully with blue sapphires. It contrasts equally well against the dazzling whiteness of a diamond. Deep purple Prized Amethysts in Bespoke JewelleryThe February birthstone Amethyst takes pride-of-place in bespoke jewellery design. Large Amethysts make an affordable large gemstone. With diamond accents, a large cut Amethyst makes a striking statement. This is especially relevant for gemstones with deep purple hues.Surrounded by diamonds, this floral designed Amethyst and diamond ring makes a striking impact, set with a large oval cut deep-purple Amethyst.Alternatives to Amethyst suitable for Engagement RingsCertain gemstones make durable alternatives to Amethyst. One of our recent clients commissioned a rare Purple Spinel with similar properties to Sapphire. Lighter in colour, this Purple gemstone made a unique alternative for her solitaire ring.Originally published at on February 24, 2020
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